Pixel Buds Serial Number

Pixel Buds Serial Number
Pixel Buds Serial Number

Pixel Buds Serial Number: Where I can Find it?

Pixel buds are an advanced technology that has recently become a favorite of many people. Each pixel bud has a different serial number so that there are no counterfeits.

To find the google pixel buds serial number, you can see it from the phone settings. For Pixels installed on Android 10 and above, you just need to open Bluetooth and click on the Settings icon next to the Pixel Buds name.

But for Android with other versions, you can use the Google Pixel Buds application to see the serial number.

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Pixel Buds Serial Number: Where is?

When you lose your pixel buds, you don’t need to panic because you can see the serial number on your phone. Because the pixel buds will be connected to your phone.

Here are some ways to change and look after the existing pixel buds on our phones:

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How to Get Google Pixel Bud App

1. Rename Pixel Buds

To change the name, you can enter a new name in the Pixel Buds application. Later this name will appear when the Bluetooth connection is turned on.

2. Assistant and Notifications

To activate the google assistant, then activate the assistant feature.

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3. Find My Phone

When you lose your pixel buds because you forgot to put them, you can install the find my phone application. You can set the earbuds to ring and you can see their last location.

4. More Settings

Pixel buds serial number: where is? You can find it on the More Settings menu. There are two options here:

• Firmware Update

This update contains a notification of a pixel buds system update that you can download

• About

In this menu, you can see information on the serial number of the pixel buds device and its connectivity status.

Pixel Buds serial number: Where is? can be found in the “About” menu in the Pixel Buds application settings.

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