Pixel Buds a Series battery life

A Guide to Pixel Buds a Series Battery Life

Google Pixel Buds a series will be a perfect option if you want to improve productivity. The device will provide you with a typical volume output and seamless Android integration. This is possible to happen due to the latest firmware installed.

Pixel Buds a Series Battery Life
Pixel Buds a Series Battery Life

Not to mention the battery’s life span. When fully charged, you can use the buds for phone calls and music playback for hours. Let’s dive into Pixel Buds a series battery life on the following page.

The battery on Pixel Buds a series

As the manufacturer of the Pixel Buds a series, Google claims that users of the device can enjoy 5 hours of music playback. As for the talk time, the giant tech company claims that the battery can last up to 2.5 hours. 

When the Pixel Buds are in use, there will be power a little more than 50% left after a 90-minute phone call.

Various tests also reveal that the Pixel Buds a series battery life can last 4 hours 44 minutes if you run constant music playback at 75dB. When you decide to do a quick charge for the earbuds, the battery performance still stands out. 

Charging the Pixel Buds for about 15 minutes will allow you to enjoy 180 minutes of music playback. You can also use them for 90 minutes of talk time. However, you need to keep in mind that the devices are charged via USB-C. 

Meanwhile, wireless charging is not compatible. If you want to use wireless charging, you have to find the more premium Google Pixel Buds.

Charging Case Status Lights

Depending on if the charging case is opened or closed, the LED lights of the Pixel Buds a series battery life can indicate different things. When the charging case is opened, the light will show your earbuds’ battery status. Meanwhile, the light indicates your charging case’s battery status when it is closed.

You can simply open the charging case lid of your device if you want to check the battery level. If the battery is fully charged, the LED light will turn solid white. But, the status light will become solid orange if either Pixel Bud is charging.

When it comes to the case status light or when the charging case is closed, the LED light found on the front of the device will only show the battery levels of the case itself if you close the lid recently. It will also indicate the battery levels when the charging case is plugged in properly. 

There will be not sufficient battery to charge the Pixel Buds if there is no light appearing after you do these actions.

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