How to Find my Google Pixel Buds

How to Find my Google Pixel Buds
How to Find my Google Pixel Buds

4 Steps to Find My Google Pixel Buds

Pixel buds are small objects that get lost easily. Therefore you must know how to find my google pixel buds to find your lost earbuds.

If your pixel buds are still nearby, then you can use a ringer to find them. But the problem is when someone else takes your pixel buds.

Of course, there are other ways that you must master to find your pixel buds. The most important thing is if the pixel buds are already connected with an Android 6.0 device and surely you will find them.

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How to Find Pixel Buds

Here are some ways you can do to find missing pixel buds.

1. Turn on Location History Feature

How to find my google pixel buds the first thing is that you have to make sure location tracking is turned on and connected to your google account.

You can open google account settings, and click “data & personalization”. Then you can select “location history”.

If the location history appears but the feature is “paused”, then you can activate the button. 

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2. Enable Location Settings

The only way to find lost pixel buds is by locating your phone because phones and pixel buds are connected.

If the location is already activated, then you can go to the system settings and look for the “Location” menu and make sure it is active.

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3. Use the Google Find My Phone App

If the location of the device is active, you can use the find my phone application because you can monitor the current location of your pixel buds.

4. Find Pixel Buds

Finally, how to find my google pixel buds is to open find my phone application, and log in with a google account. Allow the app to access the location and you will see a map of your pixel buds.

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