How to Get Google Pixel Camera apk Latest Version

How to Get Google Pixel Camera apk Latest Version
How to Get Google Pixel Camera apk Latest Version

How to Download Google Pixel Camera APK Latest Version

Google has released its photography technology with the launch of the Pixel 6. It is the most advanced camera that can erase objects on the back screen without the need for an app.

The Pixel 6 camera has a Real Tone feature that processes skin tones more accurately. How to get google pixel camera apk latest version is to update it.

Multiple pixel cameras often cause problems on some Androids. This is the reason Pixel 6 must be owned by Android 6.0 and above.

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How to Use Pixel Camera Latest Version

There are several features of the pixel 6 camera that you need to know. This camera adds an ultra lens with a width of 12MP and a zoom sensor of 48MP.

Here are some features of the Pixel 6 camera:

• Magic Eraser

Eliminates defocus when shooting and sharpens our faces

• Real Tone

Improve skin tone

• Motion Mode

Making light lines into motion blur


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Google Pixel Camera Latest Version

Then how to get google pixel camera latest version and how to install it? Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Clear Cache

Clearing the cache works so that when you update to the latest version, the camera will not have problems. Here’s how to clear the cache:

  • Go to phone settings and look for Apps
  • Open all application menus and select Camera
  • Click “application info: and select “storage and cache”
  • Clear Cache

This method is very useful so that after updating to the latest version, you can use the camera without errors.

2. Update App

After clearing the cache, you can immediately update pixel 6 by:

  • Open google play store
  • Look for the Applications and My game menu
  • Search Google Camera 8.4 APK
  • Click Update

That’s how to get google pixel camera apk latest version, which you can get officially via the Google Play Store.

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