Left Pixel bud not working Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot Audio? Find Out Why Left Pixel Bud Not Working

Are you experiencing audio troubleshooting right now ? Is your left Pixel bud not working ? Find out what to do in this article.

Left Pixel Bud Not Working
Left Pixel Bud Not Working

Tips on How to Handle Left Pixel Bud Not Working

Here are some tips for you who experience troubleshooting audio issues:

  1. You should try to tap once on the left earbud.
  2.  Make sure your Pixel Buds and their charging case are charged.
  3. Make sure the Bluetooth is on.
  4. Make sure your Pixel Buds are placed within the Bluetooth area.
  5.  Make sure your Pixel Buds are paired with your device.
  6. Check whether you have updated the latest firmware version.
  7. Turn Bluetooth off on your host device, then turn it on again.
  8. Wait until the Pixel Buds automatically reconnect.
  9. If you want, you can change the host device that you are connected to by selecting “Pixel Buds” from the device’s Bluetooth menu.
  10. If the audio issues still continue, restart the device you want to connect with your Pixel Buds and pair them with the device again.
  11. Pixel buds left bud not working You also can clean each Pixel Bud, and check whether there was any debris around the speaker or microphone openings.
  12. But remember to only clean around the speaker vent or microphone holes opening, so your Pixel Buds didn’t get damaged.
  13. Left pixel bud 2 not working Do not insert anything in the microphone or speaker openings.
  14. If the pixel buds left ear not working  issues still continue, try resetting your Pixel Buds.
  15. Be certain that the ear tip size is the right one to compare with audio, that way you will get optimal audio quality.
  16. If you want, you can try all 3 sizes to find the most comfortable one and give you the best audio performance.
  17. One tip if you want a better audio sound and mic performance, you can choose a tight seal.
  18. But if the audio or call quality didn’t match your expectation, you should try a bigger ear tip.
  19. Another reason why your left Pixel Bud is not working is probably that the placement of your phone is not within range of the Bluetooth connection.
  20. Google pixel buds left not working  So you should place your phone nearer within an area Bluetooth covered.
  21. In case both your earbuds are low volume, you have to adjust the setting to solve the issues.

a. If your phone is a Pixel phone


You might have developer options configured on your host device and Disable absolute volume” turn on. So, what you have to do is turn it off by tapping More settings => Developer options => toggle “Disable absolute volume” off.


b. But for Non-Pixel Androids, there are two solutions. 



i. Enable “Media Volume Sync” in your device’s setting => Connections => Bluetooth => Advanced => toggle “Media volume sync” on.


ii. C hoose device’s settings => Network => Bluetooth => Select Pixel Buds settings => Edit the device’s name => Rename it”Abs-DO-ENABLE” => Tap and hold that name => Disconnect and then tap again on the device’s name to reconnect.

There you go, 21 steps to solve why left Pixel Bud not working. Easy, right? Good luck!

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