Pixel Buds Support For Fixing Pixel Buds

Pixel Buds Support
Pixel Buds Support

Pixel Buds Support: Fixing Pixel Buds that Don’t Function

Pixel Buds Support | Some reasons are known to create issues with Pixel buds’ connection. From Bluetooth to the battery, the issues can lead you to fail to complete the initial setup process of the device. To fix the problems, you might need to contact Pixel Buds support. If you are familiar with all-related technology issues, fixing the buds yourself can be an option to take. 

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What Causes Pixel Buds to Fail to Connect?

Pixel Buds can only connect via Bluetooth. In this way, anything that leads to Bluetooth connection issues can also cause Pixel Buds to not connect. Most of the time, the devices also fail to connect and the batteries are dead. The buds can’t connect either if they aren’t charged properly. There are also cases in which issues on firmware become the reason for the failed connection.

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How to Fix Google Pixel Buds

You can rely on Pixel Buds support if the device can’t connect properly. But, if you want to fix the issue yourself, here are some steps to do.

  1. If it is applicable, you can remove the charging contact protectors of the buds. Keep in mind that these protectors are only available on some Pixel Buds models.
  2. Check the LED on the charging case to make sure that the buds are charged properly.
  3. The next thing you can do is check the settings of your Bluetooth to find out if it is disabled.
  4. You can also put the buds close to your device to allow them the best chance of connecting.
  5. Find out if there are too many radio frequency interference sources in your area since they can also cause the connection to fail.

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Get Pixel Buds Support

If it is impossible for you to fix the connection issue yourself, you can visit Pixel buds’ official website to get support. Here, you will find some options for how you want the staff to communicate with you. You can join Pixel Buds support chat as a starter. This option will make it possible for you to have an online chat with specialists from Google Pixel Buds to find issues in your device.

You can also request a call back as an alternative. However, there will be no Google Pixel Buds support phone number you can find on the website. Instead of a phone number, you can use this feature simply by signing into a Google account. Then, a specialist from Pixel Buds will call you back to fix the buds’ issue.

Another option available on the official website is customer community. All you need to do is just visit the Google Pixel Buds Forum. Here, the friendly community of enthusiasts and experts will give you advice related to the issue.

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