Pixel Tablet 2022 Rumors and Key Features

Pixel Tablet 2022
Pixel Tablet 2022

Pixel Tablet 2022: Specs and Release Date

Pixel Tablet 2022 Rumour has it that Google is about to release a Pixel-branded tablet in the near future. This Google-branded tablet release is actually not surprising especially if you are familiar with Pixel C, Pixel Slate, or Nexus tablets. So, what to expect from this Pixel Tablet 2022? Find out more about the new Pixel tab here.

Pixel Tablet Key Features Highlighted

Speaking about key features of the soon-to-be-released Google Tablet 2002, it is worth taking a look back at other Pixel series. In Pixel Slate 2018, the device ran on Chrome OS. The same thing can be found in Chromebook. So, some people assume that this new Pixel tab will also run Chrome OS. However, the device might keep the modified version of Android. This is the same option used by Nexus tablets and Pixel C. 

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Specs and Hardware

Since the Pixel Tablet 2022 hasn’t been released yet, it is not easy to have a picture in your mind about what the tablet will look like. However, it is safe to assume that like most tablets you can find out there, this new Pixel tab will come with all the basics. These include finger or face authentication, Bluetooth, 256 GB or more of storage, Wi-Fi, as well as front and back-facing cameras.

As for connectivity, this Google-branded tablet will likely be supported by 5G. Looking at the Pixel 6 that has a Tenser processor, this Pixel tablet might be completed with an in-house chip by Google. This will allow the device to have greater abilities for offline processing. Another thing thought to be found in this 2022 Pixel tablet is multiple USB-C ports,

Pixel Tablet Release Date: Estimation

Until today, there is no official information about when the Pixel Tablet will be launched to the public. However, again, based on rumors, this new Pixel Tablet won’t be around until at least late 2022. For now, it is simply too early to speak about the release date details.

When it comes to technologies and devices, uncovering a patent that describes the products is the first step in understanding them. As for Pixel Tablet 2022, Google was known to file the patent at the beginning of 2019. A year later, precisely in June, the file was approved by the Japan Patent Office. The approval was also released in the same year. However, a few details, including the release date, were not part of the official announcement. So, if you are a gadget addict, make sure that you keep an eye out for announcement details every time Google holds an event.

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