How to Remove Pixel Buds from Google Account?

How to Remove Pixel Buds from Google Account
How to Remove Pixel Buds from Google Account

Remove Pixel Buds from Google Account

Howt to Remove Pixel Buds from Google Account | Last year, Google eventually released their first TWS or True Wireless Stereo earphone, which was the second generation of Pixel Buds. 

This earphone was actually introduced for the very first time to the public back in 2016, along with the launching of Pixel 4. 

This newest generation of Pixel Buds comes with an egg-shaped case. Just like other TWS, the second generation of Pixel Buds also functions to charge the earphone. Google prices this earphone at US$179.

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So far, it is available in white, black, mint, and orange. You can connect this earphone to your Google account. But for some reason, people want to remove it from their Google accounts. 

Some people do not yet know how to remove Pixel Buds from Google account. It is actually easy to do so. 

  • You just need to set up your Google account, then select the Devices option
  • Find the name of your Pixel Buds, select it, and click remove
  • If you want to connect it again to your Google account, you have to pair the device again.

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A Glimpse of Pixel Buds

After knowing how to remove Pixel Buds from Google account, let’s take a look at the Pixel Buds itself. One of the key features of Pixel Buds is the adaptive sound. 

It means that this earphone can adjust the audio output to the conditions around the user. Moreover, Google also equipped the device with a mic and special sensor to optimize user experience when making a call in a noisy condition, or even windy condition. Just like the first generation, users can also use Pixel Buds to access Google Assistant.

With this feature, users will not only be able to control music, but also find out information when there is an incoming notification, including replying to messages via voice commands. 

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Along with the presence of this new product, Google also improved the fast pair ability. With this improvement, Google makes it easy to connect Android devices with other accessories via Bluetooth. Later, accessories that have supported the fast pair feature can be automatically detected and connected to Android devices with just a single click.

Google mentioned that there are already more than 3 million Bluetooth accessories, including speakers and earbuds that support this feature. 

Besides the newest version of Pixel Buds, Google also introduced an update for its security and privacy centre, which is called Titan. With Titan, users can get a more secure privacy control for various devices.

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