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Snapchat Google Pixel
Snapchat Google Pixel

Snapchat Google Pixel

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Every few months or usually every 4 months, Google always launches some completely new apps, widgets, and other features to Google Pixel users through Feature Drop. Likes Snapchat Google Pixel.

Google Pixel snapchat will be announced via youtube, regarding the launch.

For example, just this month Google has updated an all-new version of the software, by making the final release on its Android 12. Called 12L regarding the device, and Snapchat dark mode Google Pixel.

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There’s a lot to like in this latest patch, including the addition of Night Sight to Snapchat.

In fact, Google has also released a new application on the Play Store with a camera enhancement feature that can be directly uploaded to social networks.

Although maybe not everyone uses the social network. And of course most people have not been able to use the Google Pixel snapchat camera.

One of those big changes is providing the Pixel Camera Service which is found in apps on the Play Store today. And it’s a great start for a new third-party partnership.

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It can be noted that one of the excellent features of the Pixel smartphone “Night Sight” is already added to the application installed on your phone.

This makes the Snapchat app the only one supported so far by Google. Hopefully in the future Google will add additional partners on the road that can use these features.

On the way, it’s likely Instagram will get the same benefits that Snapchat received in this month’s Feature Drop.

However, why only Pixel 6 and 6 Pro can take advantage of the Camera service? We don’t even know the exact reason.

The snapchat feature can be used when the lighting around the room is minimal.

Night Sight on Google Pixel Camera is very helpful for taking pictures and videos even in low light.

So that the results of the shots and video recordings look very clear.

Snapchat Pixel 6 How To Activated?

Google is bringing the Snapchat app Night Sight so you can take vivid, detailed, low-light videos or photos without using the camera flash.

Now users of your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro smartphone can use low light mode in the Snapchat app. Make sure you will always capture the moment so you never miss it even in the dark.

The following are details of how to activate Snapchat Pixel 6:

  1. Open Snapchat Google Pixel
  2. Tap to The Moon Icon
  3. Take Foto and Video [Hold This]
  4. Tap on Send To Icon
  5. Please Select My story or Your Friend Lists.


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