How To Make Google Pixel Emojis More Fun

Google Pixel Emojis
Google Pixel Emojis

Google Pixel Emojis

Earlier This year [2022] Google Pixel Emojis added a feature that we thought was really neat and definitely fun to Gboard in its Emoji Kitchen.

What can be done is Convert your words into a colorful sticker made with your exact text to be very attractive.

By generating custom emojis, emoji kitchen and sticker suggestions as you type.

Very interesting! Let's try, so that sending messages does not become boring.

This feature allows Android users to create funny combinations of different emojis right on their keyboard.

Done before sending the creation in your favorite application [Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp].

Following are some of the Emojis of what is supported in Emoji Kitchen, as well as how you can use them on Google Pixel Phone or Other Android smartphones.

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Emojis on Google Pixel

Emojis on Google Pixel can be created with the help of Emoji Kitchen on Gboard, a sticker tool that automatically creates mashups that start with two different emojis.

Of course these combinations are handcrafted and so far there are over 15,000 different stickers that can be made with the help of Google Pixel's Emoji Kitchen.

To create Emoji Kitchen stickers on Gboard on Pixel Phone emojis, start by selecting an emoji.

  1. In this example, using Google Pixel Phone emojis select Smiling Face with Heart Eyes.
  2. Then tap on the first emoji as usual so that Gboard will automatically list the suggested combinations.
  3. But you can choose the desired Emoji.
  4. This time we chose Face with Tears of Joy combined with caution.
  5. In the end you will also get further suggestions by following the same basic theme.
  6. Tapping on a sticker will automatically insert it into the app you're using so it can remove the emoji from the text field.

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However, the Google Pixel Phone emojis feature will not work in all Android apps.

Emojis on Google Pixel
Emojis on Google Pixel

Emoji for Google Pixel Only works for most chat apps like Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp and others.

Finally it can be concluded that the trick of the new Google Pixel emojis fun with Emoji Kitchen is to use the Magic Wand (🪄) emoji tool.

So you can create the blob emoji that Google uses to use on Android, but only generates stickers. Good Luck.