How to Pixel Turn off / On Live Caption

Pixel Turn off Live Caption
Pixel Turn off Live Caption

Pixel Turn off Live Caption

I will show you how to Pixel turn off live caption. what live captioning does is if you’re watching a video or something with audio.

But it feels very annoying on your screen. Immediately turn off the Google Pixel live caption.

You can Google Pixel turn off live caption and it’ll you know show you captions just like it would on a tv or something like that if you had captions on. 

it will automatically generate them. no matter what you’re watching or what app you’re using or anything like that it does it across the device. How to turn off live caption Pixel?

so if you’re on a train or something and you don’t have headphones and you don’t want to bother other people. you can turn on live captioning again.

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Live Caption Google Pixel

When Pixel live caption is on. You can read what they’re saying in the video or something like that without annoying people with the audio.

So to do that you want to jump into your Google Pixel live caption Setting:

  1. Settings
  2. Go to Sounds
  3. Live Caption Pixel
  4. Go ahead and
  5. Turn Google Pixel captions on.

if you want to, now I have Pixel captions on you also have some other options here. 

And I will suggest if this is a feature you start to use more and more to turn on the live caption on Google Pixel with volume control.

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So if turn off live caption Google Pixel when I hit my volume buttons you can see I have the normal options there. or Google Pixel closed caption.

But if I turn that on and now I hit the volume buttons, I have this live catching option down here. And You can get this for call caption Google Pixel.

Then click that that’ll turn live captions on or off you can see the switch at the top now it’s off now it’s on.

Okay so that’s how you can turn it on and I’m going to go ahead and show you how this works.

if I just jump into youtube again works on in any app or anything and just start playing the video. 

you will see that Google Pixel phone captions starts to pop up there and you can go ahead and drag the text up and down anywhere. 

on the screen works in portrait or landscape mode doesn’t matter.

Now you can go ahead and drag it down to the bottom here to totally turn off live caption. 

Once again you can hit the volume buttons to turn it back on or off. Google Pixel phone with closed caption.

if you turn that option on in the settings like I tell you before and then you can go ahead and turn it back on.

Finally you can see it takes a second to start working again but it pops up there again. So that’s Pixel turn off live caption or on and use it on a Google pixel phone.

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