How to Turn on Google Pixel Sound Amplifier

Google Pixel Sound Amplifier
Google Pixel Sound Amplifier

Google Pixel Sound Amplifier

how to turn on Google Pixel sound amplifier to get the best sound experience with your Google Pixel Phone. 

so let’s go ahead and find Pixel sound amplifier feature first. you’ll use the quick panel access.

  1. Pull this display down two times you’ll see the gear icon “settings” here.
  2. And when you tap there you’ll be taken to the main settings and the fastest way to this feature is by typing in the words “sound amplifier”. 
  3. so you’ll type this in here and when you see it tap on it. it will show you where to go next once you tap on that one time. 
  4. you’ll be taken to the sound amplifier feature now. 

Sound amplifier Pixel will work only with connected devices such as wired connected devices or even bluetooth connected devices.

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Based on my testing as I did try to turn it on without any connected devices. and it will tell you that you need to connect something to it. 

now the sound amplifier first you can choose to go here where it says open sound amplifier. and if you want to increase or adjust the sound quality of your music you want to select where it says here and select sound plane on your phone.

so this will amplify the music that’s coming out of your phone. I’m not sure if it worked with every app out there but that’s what it does okay. 

so sound here will increase your boost and also your fine tuning.

you’ll find that Google Pixel sound amplifier doesn’t really make it louder but adjust more of the clarity of the audio that’s playing. i’ll back out here once.


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so I can show you the shortcut option here so when you go tap on these words there.

Pixel Sound Amplifier 

you can choose to have the shortcut appear as a little touch button here. and if you’re using navigation gestures you can tap here to use the volume keys to access the shortcuts so save that it’s. 

now on you can see the shortcut here. and I already have the bluetooth device connected so let’s just say I’m somewhere on my screen here. 

I’ll press on the shortcut here and it’ll take me straight into my sound amplifier. so I’ll go ahead and play this song from my speaker first. 

so I can let you hear how it sounds without the Google Pixel sound amplifier and now with the tuning. you’ll notice the difference in the clarity just listen okay and of course you can use these here to adjust and find what’s right for you.

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