How To Turn Off/On Pixel 5|4|4a|3 Haptic Feedback

Pixel 5 Haptic Feedback
Pixel 5 Haptic Feedback

Pixel 5 Haptic Feedback

How to turn off the sound on keypress and Pixel 5 haptic feedback on keypress for your Google Pixel and Pixel Pro smartphone.

And it’s using the gboard keyboard at default. so say you go into an app and your keyboard pops up. 

You can dive into the settings gear icon right here this will take you into the main settings of your keyboard. 

You’ll go to preferences and while in preferences you’ll see where it says key press, so turn off the key press option that’s for the sound.

And turn this off for the vibration feedback. that you get every time you press on a key.

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Pixel 6/5/4/4a/3 Haptic Feedback How To Turn On?

Pixel 5 Haptic Feedback however now if this doesn’t show up for you in the keyboard as it pops up, you can always use the quick panel access here. 

  1. Go into the main “settings” of your Pixel Phone here.
  2. Go all the way down to where it says system right there’s a go to “system” as you enter into system.
  3. You will see where it says “language and input” right there okay.  so language and input so just tap on that one time.
  4. From here you’re gonna go to where it says “on screen keyboard” right there under keyboards as you enter into that you’ll see “gboard” which is your default keyboard here. 
  5. So just tap into that there and this will take you to the same section we saw a while ago you’ll see “preferences“. 
  6. Once again go down to keypress turn this off this turns off the sounds for every time you press a key and turning this off turns off the haptic feedback you get every time you press a key.

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