Safety Guidance How To Hard Reset a Pixel 4

How To Hard Reset a Pixel 4

How To Hard Reset a Pixel 4? Do you need to do, This way helps to fix your phone due to some error or slow performance. The following reading contains information about Google Pixel 4 hard reset simply.

Be sure to know the symptoms before you start this. Thus, you will understand how to fix the issue on your phone. And Before you do Pixel 4 hard reset, make sure you have backed up the data first. Good Luck.

There is a reason to do Google Pixel 4 hard reset. You may have a new phone, but it becomes slow in performance. It even totally stops working.

How To Hard Reset a Pixel 4
How To Hard Reset a Pixel 4

If you have this kind of problem, do not need to worry. You can restart or hard reset Pixel 4. Learn about how to do it from the following information.

If your phone still errors after you restart it, you need to do a further step likes Pixel 4 Hard Reset. However, this step will delete all your essential data. So, you had better back up your data first. 

How To Hard Reset Pixel 4

You can How To Hard Reset Pixel 4 using its software menu. And please follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure your Google Pixel 4 is on.
  2. Check your Pixel Phone battery and charge it properly. This process allows you to have a battery capacity minimum of 50%.
  3. Then, you can proceed to the Settings menu. After that, you find the Backup & Reset menu and continue with factory reset Pixel 4. Select Reset device
  4. Once you are done with the above step, you can choose to Erase Everything. 

It ends the process of How To Hard Reset a Pixel 4. Good Luck.

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