Pixel Car Crash Detection Review & How To Enable?

Pixel Car Crash Detection Review
Pixel Car Crash Detection Review

Pixel Car Crash Detection Review

Google Pixel phones have a built-in safety feature that tries to detect if you’ve been in a car accident. Here we will try to discuss about Pixel Car Crash Detection Review.

this feature is naturally called Google Pixel car crash detection. and it’s been the cause of some unintended phone calls to emergency services.

the thing is there are multiple reports from people within the android community. talking about how inaccurate car crash detection Pixel feature can be.

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so I want to use this article to explain what Pixel car crash detection is here on the Google Pixel OR Pixel Pro.

so you can make the decision about whether or not you want Pixel crash detection feature ON or OFF.

I’ve read that Google Pixel crash detection is something Google has disabled by default but I’m still seeing some people surprised when the Google car crash detection is triggered.

and I would not be shocked to find out, if Google ended up enabling this Google crash detection by default in the future.

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so I’m guessing crash detection Pixel feature is disabled by default because of the false positives that we’re seeing.

for example I’ve seen people say that Google Pixel accident detection feature was activated after they came to an abrupt stop. 

while others have said this has gone off after they toss the phone in the back seat of their car after they have parked in a parking lot.

How To Enable Google Pixel car crash detection

so if you have a modern Google Pixel smartphone then you can find Google Pixel car crash detection feature by These steps:

  1. Firstly By opening up the “settings” application.
  2. scrolling down a little bit and then diving into the “safety and emergency” section.
  3. you’ll find the option labeled “car crash detection”.
  4. Then from here, you can choose to enable or disable Pixel Car Crash Detection Review.
  5. For example Now unable to enable Pixel accident detection. 

since I do not have a sim card inserted but if you have a sim card and you are in a supported country then you can enable and use this feature now.

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before you go and leave this feature disabled or manually turn it off realize that this has been known to save people’s lives while it may not be 100% accurate and Google is very vocal about that it could come in handy in those cases of an emergency.

I can understand someone not wanting their phone to make unwanted calls to emergency services though but you should at least know about the feature.

Pixel Car Crash Detection Review, so that if something happens like a false positive then you aren’t caught off guard.

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