How To Protect your files with Google Pixel Safe folder

Google Pixel Safe folder
Google Pixel Safe folder

Google Pixel Safe folder

How To Protect your files with Google Pixel Safe folder. Of course, you can do it easily! let’s go ahead and take it from the start. 

If you want to, for the first time look for the app icon that says “files”. in this section here you’ll see all your different categories of files that you have saved on your phone. 

There is 2 type of files. if you look to the bottom area you will see “favorites” and “safe folder”.

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Set Up Pixel Safe folder

if you have not set it up for the very first time or set it up previously. you may not see the Pixel safe folder or you can always tap on the three dots. 

and if it says “show safe folder” then that’s why it’s not showing as one of the reasons. 

but if you haven’t seen it yet that’s because you didn’t set it up yet and to set it up let’s say you want to start hiding some files. 

  1. Firstly go ahead with a document, just to show you Pixel safe folder works so simply. 
  2. Long press the item that you want to hide away and once you have it selected.
  3. you’ll see the three dots to the right top and Then you tap on that. Get all these options. 
  4. When you select move to save folder, you will get the prompt to insert your pin or your passcode. 
  5. Of course if you are doing this for the very first time. you will be prompted to create a pin a four digit or you can choose to have a pattern set up. 

As a note, this is going to be different from your security lock screen passcode or privacy password this is something completely different so be sure that you have it written down somewhere or saved.

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where no one has access to it because by the looks of it once you set it up there’s no going back. all right so for demonstration purposes mine is simply with something simple. 

Repeat once again, Please insert it in you’ll press next and it’ll take you to safe folder Google Pixel where you can view whatever it is that you have hidden at the moment. 

Back out of here and Then when you want to now view the safe folder once again, if it’s not there you’ll tap to show safe folder and you’ll see that now you can access that at any given time all right. Press next and you’ll see the item that you have saved in here. 

Finally if ever you want to move files out you can tap on the three dots to every item and you can just simply go with move out of Google Pixel Safe folder and that’s going to remove it or if you want to just delete it from there you can go with deleted permanently.

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