How To Turn Off Talkback on Google Pixel

How To Turn Off Talkback on Google Pixel
How To Turn Off Talkback on Google Pixel

Turn Off Talkback Google Pixel

I was using my phone this afternoon on my Google Pixel or Pixel Pro. I accidentally hit a button and then I got into this talkback mode feature. How To Turn Off Talkback on Google Pixel?

and I was so frustrated, because I didn’t know what to turn off talkback Google Pixel. I did Google, how to Google Pixel turn off talkback and back to normal mode.

He said get into your settings and I couldn’t get into my settings because I was trying to use one finger to get to the settings.

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so I called Google, I spoke to one person who was telling me wrong information and then actually got disconnected.

I don’t know if they hung up on me and the second person helped me in a matter of a couple minutes I was able to turn it off. 

so if you are stuck with this talkback feature then I’m going to will tell my experience, how to turn it off now. 

this feature for the blind and the hearing impaired so that is the feature and certainly there is a need for it.

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but it’s very frustrating if you don’t know how to get out of it so let me show you.

  1. so it should be on the factory default where when you press the volume button the volume up and volume down button.
  2. and you hold that for a few seconds. you’ll see it now just turned it off.
  3. now that it’s off.

For the first, how to make sure to have that turned on with the volume in case. it’s not so you’re going to go down to your settings.

  1. Go to click the settings button.
  2. Then you are in your settings > look for accessibility.
  3. Get to accessibility and Now you’re going to see “talkback”. 
  4. Tap On talkback. Then you’ll see the talkback shortcut. 
  5. Please, make sure that is turned on, it will make your life much easier.
  6. Finally let me go ahead and turn it on in case. 

it’s not set for you but you can get to it and it you’ll be so happy.

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Now I have again the Google Pixel. it will also work the other ways as well.

Google Pixel Turn Off Talkback

Alright so we’re going to go ahead and turn it on. Now it’s on, so let me go ahead and Google Pixel Turn Off Talkback so instead of using “one finger”. 

  1. First, Use two fingers. Then you’re going to slide down that twice. 
  2. Tap on the settings and you press it once. 
  3. Go to double tap, so you have to press it once.
  4. Then double tap and now we’re going to scroll up to we’re going to go to accessibility.
  5. Click on accessibility and then double tap it. 
  6. Scroll up and click talkback double tap.
  7. Then you are going to turn it off. 
  8. Go to click that. 
  9. Then you’re gonna double click. 
  10. Please click stop. 
  11. Finally double tap and then it’s turned off.

so that’s How To Turn Off Talkback on Google Pixel there’s two different ways. Good Luck.

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