How To Use Magic Eraser Google Pixel

Magic Eraser Google Pixel
Magic Eraser Google Pixel

Magic Eraser Google Pixel

One of the new features coming to Google Pixel smartphones is a magic eraser that allows users to erase things from their pictures. 

where to find the magic eraser tool for your google pixel and Pixel pro here. 

The advanced cleaning technology of these wipes makes them the perfect kitchen cleaning tool for your magic eraser Google Pixel.

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So let’s just say I took a picture. and now I want to go ahead and use the magic eraser Google Pixel tool. 

  1. Firstly Tap on the “photo” that I just took. 
  2. Now simply, Press on where it says “edit”. 
  3. With The display Switch over to the “portrait mode”. 
  4. While you’re here, you’ll simply just go over to where it says “tools”. 
  5. Under the “tools category” you will see where it says “magic eraser”.  
  6. Go to magic eraser into this viewing mode here. 
  7. Finally Just take your finger and draw around the area that you want to take out.
  8. Done

Although it’s not the perfect tool out there but somehow it works. Then just quickly show you an example like kind of do this little highlight for this picture and it’s going to process for you once you release your finger from the touch surface and it’s going to remove part of it. 

You can go ahead and do as much as you can until you get out as much as you want all right and if you do make some mistakes here it doesn’t come out as how you want it to you can always use the undo option here or use the reset tool to restore your photo back to how it was originally. 

And then you can press done after your changes or edits. The magic eraser google pixel is an innovative device that gives you the power to erase dirt and stains.

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