Do Airpods Work With Google Pixel?

Do Airpods Work With Google Pixel
Do Airpods Work With Google Pixel

Do Airpods Work With Google Pixel How to Set Up This?

Do Apple airpods work with Google Pixel? Now how to connect the apple airpods gen 1 or the apple airpods gen 2 with a Google Pixel phone or Pixel Pro. 

as well as how to show the pop-up animation here so open it up now. And you’ll see that you get this airpods work with Google Pixel and if you want all of this let’s get started. so we’ll pause it in order to get that pop-up animation.

you’ll want to go ahead and search for the app known as “material pods”. after it’s installed from the play store set it up. and airpods compatible with Google Pixel.

We can have the overlay access and permission and everything that apple airpods work with Google Pixel needs to operate properly all right. 

So first you want to go ahead and get your airpods one or airpods two into pairing mode.

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Can Airpods Be Used With Google Pixel?

Can airpods be used with Google Pixel? so that you can connect it to your Pixel phone: 

  1. Firstly open up the case on the airpods. 
  2. Here you’ll see the “green light” and then press down on this button here at the back of the case.
  3. Hold it down until it starts to blink in a “white light”. 
  4. Then hold it again and don’t let go until it starts to do this.
  5. all right once you see that then you can let it go but you’ll want to keep the case airpods open at all times.
  6. so it can stay in the pairing mode next up on your Pixel phone here. 
  7. Now Go To the bluetooth settings. 
  8. You can use the quick panel access on the bluetooth icon and you’ll want to long press it.
  9. Please select pair new device.
  10. it will start searching for nearby devices you should see airpods here show up. 
  11. You’ll tap on that one time you’ll get the request here you can choose to allow access or not it’s up to you but you can still pair it.

Finally once you’re done it will say that it’s connected, if it doesn’t work the very first time don’t worry you’ll just have to run the process again so we’ll do this one more time here.

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you’ll see airpods again let’s see pairing appear and then it will show up like this pictures below. it’s fully connected you’ll notice the green light then this airpods say active on your case. 

On your bluetooth settings here next up you want to go ahead and first just close out the airpods for now. and dive into the app itself the “material pods” and How to get the pop-up animation? 

  1. Firstly going to be a bit on the weird side.
  2. Tap on this part. 
  3. Go to menu section where you can choose the style of headphones you’re connecting. 
  4. it’s either airpods 1 or gen 1 and you can choose from the animation on this apps. 

so I just went with this one here and once it’s all set once again and you’re already previously connected with your airpods and let’s say you closed it out you’ve closed out your airpods case. 

Do Airpods Work With Google Pixel? Finally when you’re ready now simply just go ahead and open up the case for your airpods and you’ll get that pop-up animation automatic and airpods work on Google Pixel.

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