How to Set Battery Saver Google Pixel Automatically

Battery Saver Google Pixel
Battery Saver Google Pixel

Battery Saver Google Pixel

How to set battery saver Google Pixel to turn on automatically based on a set battery percentage. This tips for your Google Pixel pro also Google Pixel phone.

You’re out and about with family, your phone is almost dead and you need to make a call. Don’t let a dead battery ruin your day. 

The good news is that there are Pixel battery saver that will save your battery when you need it most.

it’s going to get started so, in order to set Google Pixel battery saver on here. 

  1. You can simply use the quick “panel access” on the display. 
  2. Then pull it down two times. look for the “battery saver option”. 
  3. Go to long press “battery saver” Pixel, so long press that.
  4. When you do this, it will take you to the “battery settings”. 
  5. you also get access to battery saver as well from here, so you’re going to tap on that one time. 
  6. Finally you are going to “set a schedule”. so go ahead and tap into that here and it’s currently set as no schedule.


you also have the option to go with based on your routine. if you want that check it out test it out for yourself.

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but what we’re here for is based on percentage, so what this does is depending on what you set this percentage to be on. let’s just say if you want put it to 25%.

this means that when my phone battery percentage reaches to 25% the battery saver is going to turn on automatically on. 

But when you back out of here, you’ll see this setting below where it says turn off when charge this is up to 90, so with this on basically your battery saver mode is going to stay on even while it’s charging. 

When it’s charging and it reaches to the above ninety percent / 90% then it’s going to turn off battery saver mode for you.

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I use my phone at work to keep track of a busy schedule. Because of this, my battery usually gets to about 20% by the time I’m leaving for home. 

One day, I noticed that even though I turned off all the significant apps and put my phone in power saving mode, it was still draining quickly.

For Google Pixel ultra power saving mode Using these tips will help your phone’s. This is extreme battery saver Pixel:

  • Learn about the battery settings on the Google Pixel.
  • Change the phone’s display brightness and timeout.
  • Use the battery saver feature.
  • Turn off features of Face Unlock, such as “Trusted face.”
  • Turn off vibration for notifications.
  • Turn off autocorrect on the keyboard.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi when you have a strong signal.
  • Turn off OK Google voice command.
  • Keep Bluetooth, GPS and NFC turned off until you need them.

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