How To Unlock Google Pixel 4a

How To Unlock Google Pixel 4a Via Bootloader

How To Unlock Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G. the first thing we’re going to do is turn on ‘oem’ unlocking. you can do this by going on your device.

  • Firstly for Google Pixel 4a Unlock is Going into settings.
  • Select into about phone.
  • Then you’re going to go down.
  • Build number just hit that like five times until it says you’re a developer I already did it so it says you’re already a developer hit the back button once.
  • Next to system.
  • Then to advanced
  • Go to developer options.

Make sure oem unlocking is checked on. This is already checked it on, so check it on Google Pixel Phone. it might ask your first pin put that in there. and enable and make sure it’s checked on. That’s all you need to do. we’re gonna go ahead and power off our device.

How To Unlock Google Pixel 4a
How To Unlock Google Pixel 4a

You can use ADB but sometimes ADB doesn’t work. this is I think better method just using the hardware key. so you learn how to use it and go ahead.

  1. Hold, volume down and power to enter the fastboot mode.
  2. You’re going to connect it to your PC or Laptop via usb type-c cable.
  3. Go to your PC here.
  4. Please check that driver’s install and go ahead then go to start.
  5. Looks like type control panel if you’re using windows, if you’re using linux or mac you do not need drivers you can skip this step.
  6. but if you’re using windows double check that under device manager, that you have some kind of android ADB interface.
  7. all right it might be under android device mine is under there.
  8. so if you see android boot loader interface or some kind of adb interface you’re good to go.

When you have the proper drivers installed. you’re good if you don’t see that you can go and download this universal adb drivers. that works for all windows xp or even 8, 7, 10.

How To Unlock Pixel 4a

Download that run that program. and it will install adb drivers all right.  sometimes windows 10 does come with its own drivers but they might not work correctly so if it doesn’t work go ahead and try those drivers.

Next go ahead and download the this has all the files you need for  windows, mac, linux. it’s a compressed version of platform tools. that I just personally made for you guys for myself. Downloads are all down click here to download just click there and to download once.

it’s downloaded, Then you get a folder called fast. you’ll get a file called go and extract all. and you’ll get a folder called fastboot with all the files you need for windows, linux, and mac and all the commands for mac or linux are listed here the substitute commands.

it’s literally identical it’s just adding  dash linux or mac this is based on the latest. I just updated like yesterday so it’s as of yeah i’ll keep updating it. so this is the latest fastboot and adb.

This is all you need you don’t have to download the whole platform tools. this is just very condensed version of it all the files.

You absolutely need you don’t need all these other files in there. okay once you download it go ahead and open a command prompt.

  1. Select start and type cmd and you’re going to go ahead and type basically everything here see the download cmd fastboot, fastboot flashing, unlocked but I like typing it out.
  2. I’m just gee you like that you’re gonna type fastboot, flash space, flashing unlock and this should unlock your phone.
  3. let’s go ahead and get ready. this is how you unlock and and you’ll see here.
  4. Please use the volume keys to select.
  5. To unlock the bootloader.
  6. Click the power button, Next will be erase everything on your phone.
  7. This will unlock the bootloader, so you don’t have to ever do it again.
  8. Root it and install twerp install, custom roms.
  9. Next ready to go and this will reset your phone.
  10. Finally will have to start over.

This is How To Unlock Pixel 4a the process is actually pretty much identical for all pixel devices. but I know sometimes it’s better to see.

Doing it with the real phone so i’m just gonna make it for all the phones so hit start and um now you you’ll have this uh warning sign don’t worry about it that’s completely normal the bootloader is unlocked. and software integrity cannot be guaranteed.

You know legality they gotta put out there by google but it doesn’t affect anything on your phone. that’s How To Unlock Google Pixel 4a finished and also you know any other pixels.

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