How to Unlock Google Pixel Phone without a Password

Pixel Face Unlock Not Working
Pixel Face Unlock Not Working

Pixel Face Unlock Not Working Fix It

Pixel Face Unlock Not Working, Today I will talk about this. The benefits of Face ID, face recognition or the faceunlock is common for a smartphone. 

Because Google certainly does not want to leave it behind. However, the name is the phone's security face recognition.

Well, not important to discuss it there as the most important thing, it is checked. Check the quality and the way that google pixel face unlock to use. Let's do it together and fill your insight really know!

Set up Google Pixel Face Unlock

Those are some cases that you know much of the Google Pixel Face Unlock. It relates to the 10 steps to set this system. Here's what to do:

  1. All smartphones on the home screen, start by touching and wipe up all applications to be displayed.
  2. After displaying all applications directly navigate to Application Settings Security & location to find.
  3. Next Tap Smart Lock as a next step.
  4. Google Pixel Face ID and then enter your current Unlock method like PIN, pattern, etc.
  5. Tap Trusted Faces as Face Unlock.
  6. Tap SET.
  7. Next, you must then check the instructions on NEXT.
  8. You will see a new screen with "trusted face permissions", tap Allow.
  9. The next command is that you have to put your face in the circle is completed by the process.
  10. Tap Done.

Probably it looks so long strides, but in fact, you will not spend a lot of time. It might just take a few minutes and the smartphone will help you complete. 

This is the latest information that you can get today. If this page is the latest facts, it will update definitely soon. 

Pixel Face Unlock
Pixel Face Unlock

Reveal Google Pixel Face ID

Google Pixel Face ID is a system that keeps unlocked screen the device when it is displayed. This system can also be used to unlock the device when it is locked and turned on.

However, this option is less secure than a PIN, pattern, or password. To use a trusted face, you lock your screen like a PIN, pattern, and others must be active. 

In fact, you need to adjust to the aid of the lock screen, if necessary.

Reveal Google Pixel Phone Face Unlock
Reveal Google Pixel Phone Face Unlock

How to Set up Pixel face unlock not working.  Always follow the information on this platform and be able to get the first party the latest updates. 

If you have a cell phone that has just been released a few days at a very special price. We will get immediate and explore all Features that include this security system.

Pixel 6 Face Unlock or Pixel 5 Face Unlock | How to Set Up?

You have a Google Pixel 6, Pixel 5 This I'm gonna show you how to set up Pixel 6 Face Unlock very very simple. 

The first thing you got to do is just go into your settings on your smartphone. Please slide up from the bottom on your Pixel 6 for Activating Google Pixel 6 Face Unlock.

Then you can follow the 7 steps below for Set up Pixel 6 Pro face unlock. It's very easy.

Step 1 : Tap on settings and then you're gonna scroll down.

Tap on settings
Tap on settings

Step 2 : After that tap on security.

tap on security
tap on security

Step 3 : For Pixel face unlock not working, Next please tap on face unlock now. 

tap on face unlock
tap on face unlock

Step 4 : For set up Pixel 6 face unlock Please Re-enter your PIN or password and click on next on Google Pixel.

Re-enter your PIN or password
Re-enter your PIN or password

Step 5 : Then from here you want to go ahead and glasses or lightly tinted sunglasses.

glasses or lightly tinted sunglasses
glasses or lightly tinted sunglasses
Step 6 : Tap on 'next' and then Faucet on 'Start'.

Step 7 : Finally Going to put my face. 

Note: Suitable for Pixel 6 face unlock, Pixel 6 pro face unlock, Pixel 5 face unlock, Pixel 4 face unlock, Pixel 4a face unlock, Pixel 3 face unlock, Pixel 4a 5g face unlockif it's a little different, we'll update it in the next article.

what we're gonna do is we're going to go in a circle really slowly like this. just keep doing this, hey we're done click on done. 

now you can see your smartphone is locked. by the lock up here. you can see it's locked here don't you got to do is this raise it up to your face.

Very very simple, How to Set up Pixel face unlock not working. Good Luck.

How to Unlock Google Pixel Without Password?

If you Forgot Google Pixel password and pattern or lock screen pin? How to Unlock google pixel without password, Use the fingerprint scanner if it’s set up. 

Otherwise, the only options are to reset your Google Pixel to factory settings and try unlocking software. 

You can set with a new pin after factory reset,restore photos, then contacts and other data from a backup. Here’s how to do it.

how to unlock google pixel without password
how to unlock google pixel without password

How to unlock google pixel without password via Google Find My Device

The fastest and easiest approach to reset your Google Pixel, this method works in case your telephone is turned on, connected to the Internet, and has Location and In finding My Device enabled. 

Google Find My Device used to allow you to reset your pin from some other device, however now the only option is a factory reset.

  • Go to find my device at the pc, sign in with the Google account and password which used to be used in locked Google Pixel telephone.
  • Click on the locked Google Pixel phone to find my device,
  • click on Unlock feather,
  • enter the password to confirm the operation as a result of all related data of the locked Google Pixel can be erased at the same time.
  • you'll be able to recover from the backup file after having unlocked the Google Pixel telephone.

When the process Done, you'll be able to set the Pixel like a new Phone, create a new pin, and restore a backup.

caution: Some Pixel users have reported being locked out in their units although their pin codes are correct. Thus far, Google’s solution has been to accomplish a factory reset.

How to unlock google pixel without password via unlocking software

If you happen to don’t have a backup the telephone and also you’re worried you’ll lose valuable data and photos, you'll try the Pixel lock display screen removal software. 

Some choices, like iMyFone LockWiper, claim as a way to bypass your lock display screen without data loss.

You'll want to vet any third-party software completely before you try it. Some cost money and others may try to install the malware on your phone. 

In all cases, use unlocking software at your personal risk – there’s no true guarantee they won’t wipe your data, during which case you possibly can be with a simple factory reset.

how to unlock google pixel without password, fulfilled. When you've got automatic backup enabled, you'll easily recover all of your contacts, photos, videos, and different data after you put up your Pixel and sign in on your Google account. 

You'll also recover as much as 25 MB of data in keeping with app (maximum apps), call history, Pixel Phone settings, and SMS textual content messages.

Finally, you have found the answer to a question on How to Unlock Google Pixel Without Password? Then you can have a trial, have your locked pixels.

How to Unlock Google Pixel Without Losing Data?

You are protected by a pattern. I can unlock the phone by doing an effect reset. but if I affect this phone reset I will lose all the data stored in this phone. 

which I really don't want because those files are so important to me. so how to unlock google pixel without losing data?

This method uses the Android SDK tool to unlock your Android device without losing data. but for this method to work properly USB debugging must be enabled in your honor twice. 

if your speedy buggy is not activated then this method will not work for you. and remember this method may not work with all of you. I have seen several people unlocking their phones using this method.

How to unlock Google Pixel without losing data
How to unlock Google Pixel without losing data

#1. First STEP, Install Software
  • Download these two programs on your computer.
  • The first link
  • and it's gonna take you to this page from space.
  • Download ADB to installer.
  • then click on the second link and it's gonna take you to this page.
  • from this page you can download SDK platform tools for Windows if you are using Windows if you are using Mac download for Mac.
  • so I've already downloaded it okay before you play with these two tools.
  • make sure you disable antivirus for a few minutes.
  • after that open aplication platform tools and we set up click on yes okay.
  • after that type here Y and hit enter and again press Y Enter.
  • Then here says do you want to install the device driver so I'm just gonna say yes press Y and hit enter once again.
  • Open up a setup wizard then click on next.
  • and it's gonna install ADB drivers on your computer as you can see mine is already installed so I'm just gonna click on finish.
#2. Second STEP, Command Window.
  • Now open up this file platform tools then extract it into your Computers.
  • seed right so I'm just gonna drag it in my C Drive.
  • now you should have platform tools on your C Drive now open up this folder then copy the path or address of this folder.
  • after that right click on my computer icon.
  • then click on properties.
  • now click on advanced system settings.
  • next select environment variables.
  • now from here double click on the path.
  • then click on edit.
  • and at the end of this address just put a semicolon then test the address that you just copied so I'm just gonna paste it.
  • after that click on ok.
  • ok
  • ok
  • and close the spot.
  • now go back to your platform tools folder.
  • now from your keyboard press and hold shift.
  • after that right-click on any blank space.
  • then you should see an option called open command window.
  • here just click on it then it's gonna open CMD inside this folder.
  • now type here adb hit enter as you can see in this script is running successfully.
  • which means adb is working perfectly in my computer.
#3. Third STEP, Connect Phone.
  • connect your phone to PC with the USB cable.
  • Phone is connected up that type here adb devices to see whether your device is connected or not
  • Now you can see my device is connected.
  • okay after that type here adb shell.
  • adb space shell hit enter okay now type the following commands.
  • if your phone is protected with a pattern then use this command: RM /DATA/SYSTEM/GESTURE.KEY
  • if your phone is protected with a pin or password then use the command: RM /DATA/SYSTEM/PASSWORD.KEY
  • I will leave both of these commands.
  • in the description below so I'm just gonna type here RM space / slash data for a slash system forest slash gesture dot key.
  • once again if your phone is protected with a pattern use gesture dot key command.
  • if your phone is protected with a password or PIN then use password dot key in my case my phone is protected with a pattern so I'm just going to use gesture.
  • don't keep after that hit enter okay.
  • after the command is successfully
  • executed now disconnect your phone from PC.
  • after that restart your phone.
  • Use any pattern or pin code to unlock your phone. and it will work.

as I said before at the beginning of this Tips tricks How to unlock Google Pixel without losing data, might not work with all of you guys, And google is always updating its security system. just try this.

Google Pixel Unlock

There are 2 steps of how to Google Pixel Unlock. These trails are very useful for you. Anyone with a smartphone has the password for his / has set his private security. 

But when Google Phone unlockes, sometimes a password is set to be a nuisance.

How to Unlock Google Pixel Phone without a Password
How to Unlock Google Pixel Phone without a Password

This is because if you have your phone password forgotten; You will not be frustrated able to use your phone. 

You can go to the helping center although the phone. Google pixel password forgot! Let's check it out!

There are 2 steps How do Google Pixel Unlock below!

  1. Wiping data known as a fact0ry r3set People can delete all your data including videos, photos, etc. Therefore, it is better to back up your data before a doing this on Google Pixel Phone to do. First, you need along with the power button and tap the Power Off button. Then press the power button and the volume button at the same time until the Pixel phone vibrates . Then your phone will appear as a recovery screen. After This Option, select, volume down for seconds. Do it with the power button until your phone restarts itself in rec0very mode. Select fact0ry reset and wipe all user data. Then waits for phone wipes all data. Then you must r3start the phone system by clicking the power button.
  2. Using another device If you have a PC at home, you can use it. Connect your phone to the PC. Download reset the application of your phone on the PC and install it. Then you just need to find the phone device and make the fact0ry r3set. Make sure that you have a data connection for Google Phone unlockes.

How do I reset my Google phone without password?
How do I reset my Google phone without password?

Unlock Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

This is the methode Unlock Google Pixel 2 with Google find my device. With the best method to unlock your google pixel 2 remotely. this method useful when you lose your phone or not able to access your mobile.

This method also deletes all your Android phone data. after your device has been erased you can't locate it.

you can only use this unlock a google pixel 2 if you already added Gmail account to your phone. and having an active internet connection. if your device is offline erasing will begin when it next comes online.

Pixel 2 unlock with another Phone or PC . and Then please follow the 9 instructions below. 

  1. Firstly, Please open any browser.
  2. After that visit Google find my device.
  3. sign in using the Google login credentials which are used on your phone.
  4. after login there will be three different options to unlock a pixel 2.
  5. play sound, secure device and erase device.
  6. now click on the two times erase device option again.
  7. enter the email and password.
  8. next you will see erase all data menu.
  9. then tap on the erase option well done.

You are successfully unlock Google Pixel 2 on your mobile.Good Luck. 

How to unlock Pixel 2
How to unlock Pixel 2

Google Pixel 3 Unlock

If you are difficult to find these two steps above. You could use the tips HOW to Google Pixel 3 Unlock in this regard following details!

  1. Pixel help center When the pixel-Help is available in your city, you can visit it. Please enter your problem to customer service. Then you will find your problem resolved. Normally you have for other customers as you wait, too. Therefore, it is better to come early. or you can contact ini twitter @MadeByGoogle.
  2. Phone’s service center If there is no pixel-help is in your town, you can go to the Phone Service Center. Of course you will pay for their service to get your pixels to unlock the phone. But they work professionally and in general; You get the guarantee of more or less than a week.

Google Pixel 3 Unlock
Google Pixel 3 Unlock

Pixel 3a Unlock

Pixel 3a Unlock by r3covery mode menu. before to unlock google pixel 3 charge your phone. if the battery is less than 50%.

to unlock a google pixel 3 you need to make sure that the data on your device is backed up. so you do not lose yours valuable photos or documents.

unlock a pixel 3 make delete all your mobile data, so you better to backup all important data. and please remove the simpson SD card.

how to unlock Google Pixel 3a Unlock here are some steps. Then follow the 9 instructions below.

  1. To unlock Pixel 3a first switch off your device by holding the power button.
  2. After that press and hold volume down button and power button.
  3. Release all buttons when you see recovery screen.
  4. Next select recovery mode option by using volume keys and power button to confirm.
  5. Afterward you will see Android Logo or exclamation mark.
  6. Then while holding down the power button press and release the volume up Keys.
  7. Choose the option to wipe data and factory reset with volume buttons to select this.
  8. Power button to accept next select yes option.
  9. finally select reboot system now option, bypass google lock on pixel 3 are finished.

notes: how to unlock Google Pixel 3a xl without password please use the method above. Because it's almost the same way.

how do I Unlock Pixel 3 is very simple. your smartphone will be Remove and reboot shortly well done you are successfully reset your mobile.

pixel 3a unlock
Pixel 3a unlock

Google Pixel 4 Unlock and Pixel 4 XL

I'll show you how to bypass your screen lock or Google Pixel 4 Unlock. better whenever I have on your Google pixel 4 xl force.

how to unlock google pixel 4, you can see right here. so if you forgot your password on smartphone.

here's the way to unlock a google pixel 4 but it's gonna delete everything. off your smartphone, turn the device off completely.

how to unlock google pixel 4 without password, You can use the steps below. Good Luck.Make sure this device is off and then once it's off, to unlock a pixel 4 you'll need to hold volume down and then power button.

  1. so while I'm done power button keep holding don't was gonna get you through the display screen.
  2. now use volume buttons, to go to recover mode Menu.
  3. right here okay, here's recovery mode and Faucet power buttons and then once.
  4. you see this screen, press and press volume up keys.
  5. The Next is press power button volume out power Bund power button and the new volume up.
  6. Then press select down to wipe data and in fact three said.
  7. Tap Yes and then faucet on factory data reset.

how to Google Pixel 4 xl unlock makes all delete everything off your smartphone. so it's gonna be pretty much just like a new phone. now you click yes.

To unlock pixel 4 xl take up to a couple of minutes to restart this phone to reset completely. so if we were to system now.

so your flagship is pretty much just like you it'll take some extra time to start. so I keep waiting for about like a couple minutes to start Guys.

how to unlock pixel 4 are finished. The smarphone here it is finally started, please skip this stuff here. it is you just bypass the screen lock.

how to unlock Pixel 4
how to unlock Pixel 4

Pixel 4a Unlock  and Pixel 4a 5G : Bootloader

How to Pixel 4a Unlock and Pixel 4a 5G. the first thing we're going to do is turn on 'oem' unlocking. you can do this by going on your device.

  • Firstly for Google Pixel 4a Unlock is Going into settings.
  • Select into about phone.
  • Then you're going to go down.
  • Build number just hit that like five times until it says you're a developer I already did it so it says you're already a developer hit the back button once.
  • Next to system.
  • Then to advanced
  • Go to developer options.

Make sure oem unlocking is checked on. This is already checked it on, so check it on Google Pixel Phone. it might ask your first pin put that in there. and enable and make sure it's checked on.

That's all you need to do. we're gonna go ahead and power off our device.

you can use ADB but sometimes ADB doesn't work. this is I think better method just using the hardware key. so you learn how to use it and go ahead.

  1. Hold, volume down and power to enter the fastboot mode.
  2. You're going to connect it to your PC or Laptop via usb type-c cable.
  3. Go to your PC here.
  4. Please check that driver's install and go ahead then go to start.
  5. Looks like type control panel if you're using windows, if you're using linux or mac you do not need drivers you can skip this step.
  6. but if you're using windows double check that under device manager, that you have some kind of android ADB interface.
  7. all right it might be under android device mine is under there.
  8. so if you see android boot loader interface or some kind of adb interface you're good to go.

so when you have the proper drivers installed. you're good if you don't see that you can go and download this universal adb drivers. that works for all windows xp or even 8, 7, 10.

so download that run that program. and it will install adb drivers all right.  sometimes windows 10 does come with its own drivers but they might not work correctly so if it doesn't work go ahead and try those drivers.

next go ahead and download the this has all the files you need for  windows, mac, linux.

it's a compressed version of platform tools. that I just personally made for you guys for myself.

Downloads are all down click here to download just click there and to download once.

it's downloaded, Then you get a folder called fast. you'll get a file called

go and extract all. and you'll get a folder called fastboot with all the files you need for windows, linux, and mac and all the commands for mac or linux are listed here the substitute commands.

it's literally identical it's just adding  dash linux or mac this is based on the latest.

I just updated like yesterday so it's as of yeah i'll keep updating it. so this is the latest fastboot and adb.

this is all you need you don't have to download the whole platform tools. this is just very condensed version of it all the files.

you absolutely need you don't need all these other files in there. okay once you download it go ahead and open a command prompt.

  1. Select start and type cmd and you're going to go ahead and type basically everything here see the download cmd fastboot, fastboot flashing, unlocked but I like typing it out.
  2. I'm just gee you like that you're gonna type fastboot, flash space, flashing unlock and this should unlock your phone.
  3. let's go ahead and get ready. this is how you unlock and and you'll see here.
  4. Please use the volume keys to select.
  5. To unlock the bootloader.
  6. Click the power button, Next will be erase everything on your phone.
  7. This will unlock the bootloader, so you don't have to ever do it again.
  8. Root it and install twerp install, custom roms.
  9. Next ready to go and this will reset your phone.
  10. Finally will have to start over.

This is how you unlock the bootloader on the pixel 4a the process is actually pretty much identical for all pixel devices. but I know sometimes it's better to see.

Doing it with the real phone so i'm just gonna make it for all the phones so hit start and um now you you'll have this uh warning sign don't worry about it that's completely normal the bootloader is unlocked. and software integrity cannot be guaranteed.

you know legality they gotta put out there by google but it doesn't affect anything on your phone. that's how you can unlock the bootloader on the pixel 4a and also you know any other pixels.

Pixel 4a Unlock
Pixel 4a Unlock

Pixel 5 Unlock

How to Pixel 5 Unlock because you have an issue. where you can't log into Google Pixel 5 xl because your you forgot your password or your password on Pixel 5 is not working correctly.

I'm gonna show you how to perform a unlock Pixel 5 okay. even though you forgot your password.

Don't forget with methode you're going to lose everything on the phone. as if you just bought a brand new took it out of the box. and you had to proceed with the setup starting with your language.

Looks, I forgot my password here. so what you want to do from here is what we're going to do is a two buttons combination. what you want to do is you want to press and hold the power keys and faucet the volume up together.

so right now with the while the device is on. To bypass google lock on pixel 5 with power keys volume up press and hold together until we see the Google Android logo appear.

  1. Press and hold 2 keys keep on holding do not let go again power Keys and volume up.
  2. Still holding 2 keys here this takes usually about 20 seconds.
  3. Just waiting for the Android Google logo to appear.
  4. This is android logo go ahead and let go and this will boot us into no command prompt.
  5. here with the dead
  6. android, now from here what we got to do is we have to boot into the android recovery menu.
  7. To proceed with the factory reset and how you do that what you want to do is you want to press and hold the power button.
  8. While you're holding the power button faucet volume up once okay.  
  9. Now here we are in the android recovery menu.
  10. Then from here you simply just want to go down to where it says wipe data/factory reset.  
  11. now if you want to Google Pixel 5 Unlock or Pixel 5 XL you simply faucet on the power button here.

To Pixel 5 Unlock this cannot be undone okay. so if you have anything important on here hopefully you have it saved or backed up somewhere else. 

How to unlock Pixel 5
How to unlock Pixel 5

How to unlock Pixel 5 are finally done. if you want to proceed from here simply go ahead and tap on the power button. and let it do its thing once everything is booted.

Google Pixel 6 Unlock

As explained in the article above, more or less the way to Google Pixel 6 Unlock is the same. 

However, because Google is always improving its security level, this method may not be suitable now. Good luck.

Google Pixel 6 Unlock
Google Pixel 6 Unlock

Unlock Google Pixel to Any Network

Can I unlock google pixel to any network? you bought a Google Pixel not through the Google Store, but through a service provider or even another vendor, chances are that your phone is blocked with a SIM card. 

Again, the phone may remain locked from the SIM card for up to two years, as determined by your service provider.

So, basically, you are carrier dependent and you may have to wait until the lock is unlocked (the period starts when you buy or rent a phone). 

Often times, the operator will also ask you to pay the full amount of the call before you can open it.

If you can't wait to unlock your phone from your carrier for free, fortunately, some paid options claim they can unlock your device right away.

The recommendations are as follows:


Before you unlock google pixel to any network using the references above, it would be better if you check whether it is valid or not. 

We are not responsible for what you do. It's just information that a lot of people use.

unlock google pixel to any network
unlock google pixel to any network

Google Pixel SIM Unlock

Google Pixel SIM Unlock - for any GSM network worldwide with the help of There are 3 reasons why you'd want to get your phone unlocked. 

  1. let's say you bought the phone for AT&T but you want to be able to use it for another network like t-mobile or Cricut or Metro by t-mobile while having it GSM unlocked.
  2. you want to take it overseas having it GSM unlocked and use it in that other country.
  3. adds value to your phone having it unlocked.

This step by step How to get Pixel SIM Unlock

  • Head into your phone's dialer and Dial *#06#
  • Gets IMEI information for the want to write that.
  • Then visit
  • select a manufacturer that you purchase the phone.
  • Then Select the model for the phone.
  • on the next page you're going to select the country you purchase the phone.
  • then it's going to ask you for that IMEI that you wrote a second ago. and a phone number in an email where they can send the unlock to once.
  • you input all that information.
  • it's going to ask you for some payment information and it's gonna set they're gonna send you an email once they send you that email you're gonna want to go ahead.
  • Turn the phone off.
  • Remove the SIM card that came with the phone and replace it with a non-supported GSM.
  • you power the phone
  • back on it's going to ask you for your unlock pin and you're going to go ahead and type in that pin that they provided to you.

Google Pixel SIM Unlock
Google Pixel SIM Unlock

Congratulations your Google Pixel SIM Unlock will be unlocked for any GSM network worldwide. This website is only taking examples from people who have already done it, it may not be suitable for your problem. how to sim unlock google pixel? very easy isn't it. I hope this helps.