How to Fix Google Pixel Auto Rotate Not Working

Google Pixel Auto Rotate Not Working
Google Pixel Auto Rotate Not Working

Google Pixel Auto Rotate Not Working

Here I want to write an interesting article about How to Fix Google Pixel Auto Rotate Not Working by turning on or off. And for those of you that are not quite sure what it is. 

I tried out here searching for some kind of web results I’m on the internet. Doing whatever and I want to watch a video. 

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I want it to be sideways and my device is not turning sideways that means that I am locked in just the portrait position. if I want to rotate it what you’re gonna have to do is slide down from the top. 

Auto Rotate Not Working Pixel

If Auto Rotate Not Working Pixel, You can follow the steps below:

  1. you will see a little square recycle looking designs like a square with its like two arrows with the square shape. 
  2. we can go ahead and select that for whatever reason if you don’t see it up there go ahead and select this little pen to edit. 
  3. and look for it down there and if it’s down there go ahead and slide and drop up to the top. 
  4. so we’re gonna want to do is select it once.
  5. it’s been selected we’re gonna want to select it towards blue once it’s been selected. 

we can go back into our results and we will see that it does rotate now.

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so this will function in both ways portrait and in landscape. 

but let’s say you want to be you want to have it to where it locks in just the one position.

you want to go ahead and deselect that to where that is not selected. 

Once again you will notice that it does not select and then here’s another cool thing that Google added. 

let’s say you want it locked in the landscape position go ahead and there’s a little button that appears there right there’s that same same button little screen rotate button that you see. 

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so right now I have it locked it’s it’s in the locked position for portrait once again so I’ll rotate over and I select that little button that was all there on that corner.

and it locks it now in the landscape position so even if I put my phone in the upright position it still has it locked. 

so that’s how that works just by using rotating your device and using that button when it’s in the lock position. 

if you have it set on the auto rotate it will automatically rotate when you turn your device and it will rotate to either way.

so that is how you set that so that’s my quick tutorial on Google Pixel auto rotate not working.

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