How to Show Pixel Camera Manual Mode

Pixel Camera Manual Mode
Pixel Camera Manual Mode

Pixel Camera Manual Mode

Pixel camera manual mode that are found on your Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 pro camera. If you are interested in Google camera manual mode will make it a professional.

Google Pixel camera manual mode can make use of while you are taking a photo. so to enable these tools here or controls. follow the steps below:

  1. Go To the camera first.  
  2. Look at the top area where your “settings”, then go ahead and tap on that. 
  3. Now go to where it says “more settings”. 
  4. it’ll take you into the main “camera settings”. 
  5. Finally to go down to the section that says “manual controls” and you can turn it on.

Note: The method above will be suitable for Pixel 5 camera manual mode, Pixel 4a camera manual mode, and Pixel 3 camera manual mode.

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After that, you will see these two slider controls at the top area when you’re about to take a photo. 

For Google Pixel 6 camera manual mode and also if you were interested in turning on the grid of your camera to help improve your camera skills here you can go with a grid here.

For example turn on the 4×4 just so you can see how that looks alright. 

so just back out of that here. and now you’ll see this is the grid notice. how the white line is there and when you’re ready to take a picture these here are the manual controls. 

When you tap manual controls and then maybe you want to increase the brightness or lower the brightness depending on where you’re viewing. 

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how you’re viewing it, it will adjust to what you want it to also your temperature  as well and then you can take the photo or shoot the photo as how you have it set as, okay! 

so that’s Pixel Camera Manual Mode tutorial, hopefully it helped. you can also go back into the main settings that just showed you and turn them off if you find them useless lectures.

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