How to Change Gestures Google Pixel Settings

Gestures Google Pixel
Gestures Google Pixel

Gestures Google Pixel

How to change gestures Google Pixel and navigation buttons with android 11. Google Pixel Gesture shortcuts let you get even more done with this smartphone, even when your hands are full. 

With simple movements of the hand or fingers or Google Pixel swipe, you can quickly check your next appointment, manage your commute, dim the lights, and Others.

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Set Up Google Pixel Swipe

For Google Pixel double tap, it’s going to get started you want to go in to the main settings of your phone. 

  1. For the first just look for the gear icon settings and as you enter into that one way to find the “navigation system option” is by using the search settings very simply. 
  2. But you can type in the word system navigation and it will take you to exactly where we are going now. 
  3. if not you don’t feel like typing you can simply just go all the way down to where it says “system” on the display. And you’ll see system right there as you tap on that.
  4. Then you will want to go into where it says “gestures” Menu. 
  5. So gestures as you enter into gestures you’ll see “system navigation” just tap on that.
  6. Of course if you just got your phone maybe it might have been set to the navigation gestures. 
  7. if you want the three button navigation, you’ll want to go with this option, the one that says three button. 
  8. but if you want the gestures instead just tap on it. 

Finally you’ll notice how the buttons are gone and now you got this little tab here which they will show you a little animation here as to how the gestures work. 

So go to homescreen, you’ll just simply swipe up to switch between the apps or go into recent mode.

simply, you can just swipe up like that and hold it and it will take you into the recent viewing mode. 

But if you want to go back you can swipe from any edge. Please to go back now it’s going to take me back right for the system gestures system navigation gestures. 

and if you have the gestures set you can tap on the gear icon settings this here will give you a bit more options in terms of the gesture settings. 

First you got the swipe to invoke the assistant. Then swipe up from the bottom corner to invoke the digital assistant app which will access the Google assistant. 

so if you want that you can go ahead and turn that on and then you got the back sensitivity. You can adjust the sensitivity of the swiping back which is from the left and the right edge. 

You can make some changes to that and of course at any given time you don’t want the gestures Google Pixel anymore just come back and switch back to the three button navigation.

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