How To Reset Google Pixel 3a

11 Steps How To Reset Google Pixel 3a

You have a Google Pixel 3a. I’m gonna show you How To Reset Google Pixel 3a. in other words restore your smartphone back to its factory settings.

Reset Pixel 3a as if you just bought the phone brand new and took it out of the box. okay so first thing you want to do is go ahead and power off. Your phone just press and hold the power button. and then go ahead and power off.

How To Reset Google Pixel 3a
How To Reset Google Pixel 3a

Must remember once, You will lose everything on your smartphone. your photos videos your documents everything is going to be long gone. so hopefully you have it back up okay.


  • so while your phone is off what you want to do factory reset Pixel 3a with two buttons combination.
  • Firsly, press and hold those two buttons do not let go until this menu pops up.
  • I gotta let go as soon as I see this okay the first time I kept holding it too long okay.
  • it says power off now it says barcode down again we’re looking for recovery mode okay.
  • so here’s recovery mode if I go down again oops restore a bootloader.
  • let me go up back up to recovery mode not to select this simply Fauced on the power button.
  • there’s a power button right there now it’s going to go ahead and go into this no command.
  • now we need to do from here is we need to press and hold the power button while we’re holding down the power button just press the volume up once okay.
  • so press and hold the power button and then volume up once and then let go and now we are in the Android recovery menu here.
  • Please go and use your volume rockers and you can go ahead and scroll down to where it says ‘wipe data/factory reset’.
  • Select it go ahead and press the power button and now this message here pops up again in read it says wipe all user data this cannot be undone guys.

You have to make sure that how to reset Pixel 3a is properly understood. Make no mistake, because it will result in data loss on the smartphone.


After you finished How To Reset Google Pixel 3a , Then once you press this power button. it’s going to start formatting everything back to the original setting is going to reboot. the Smartphone and you have no way of going back.

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