How To Reset Google Pixel 3

How To Reset Google Pixel 3 Easily

I have a google Pixel 3 out here. I’m going to do a reset Pixel 3. This is going to work, how to reset Google Pixel 3 as well as the Factory standard setting. 

when you do a reset Google Pixel 3, you’re deleting everything on your phone okay. so maybe you’re doing this if you want to sell your smartphone.

How To Reset Google Pixel 3
How To Reset Google Pixel 3

This guide will make to start fresh again or maybe your device’s like lagging. and you’re having errors and you just want to clean slate anyways. I’m do this to my Flagship here hopefully if I have anything important that you have a backup okay.

There’s 11 steps How To Reset Google Pixel 3. we can do a reset we would actually have to login to the phone to do it, or with buttons.

  1. With the smartphone on or off doesn’t matter where you’re at we want to ‘press and hold two buttons’ down okay.
  2. Press and hold power button volume down okay don’t worry about what’s going on your screen just keep holding until we get to this menu coming up.
  3. Just wait it’s coming don’t let go yeah okay.
  4. Here we go so here’s the ‘fastboot menu’.
  5. You can see up here it says start use the volume down rockers and we need to go to ‘recovery mode’.
  6. so it’s gonna start right now let me go down power off.
  7. Then we’re going to end up into the no command page which is right here.
  8. what I want you to do is press and hold the power button and then quickly just press volume up.
  9. okay so follow along with me ready I’m gonna press and hold the power button press and hold right now volume up once.
  10. and there we go and now we’re actually into the ‘Android recovery menu’ here.
  11. we want to go down to where it says ‘wipe data/factory reset’.

notes: remember you’re going to lose all data everything’s gonna be long going as if you bought the phone brand new when you do this. so hopefully you have a backup if you have anything important on here.

so from here I’m gonna go ahead to select it, I’m gonna press on the power button right here and then right here is asking us you know are you sure you want to do this.

Reset Google Pixel 3 cannot be undone and it’s highlighted oh no I’m gonna go go ahead and go down to yes. and then I’m gonna go ahead and okay it.

You can see it doing a formatting the data right here on the very bottom here give us a second. it’s done now we can go ahead and reboot system now.

How To Reset Google Pixel 3 already highlighted for us, so let me go ahead and click on the power to select it. and now it’s in a process of doing this thing and everything on this phone is going to be long gone.

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