How To Reset a Google Pixel 4

6 Steps How To Reset a Google Pixel 4

In most cases, restarting the phone does not solve this issue. Your phone still is in error. Thus, you need to do a How To Reset a Google Pixel 4.

Unfortunately, there is a weakness in doing this method. It will erase all your essential data in your Pixel 4. It will turn your device into its original settings like new.

How To Reset a Google Pixel 4
How To Reset a Google Pixel 4

It is better to back up those data before starting Google Pixel 4 reset. The below instruction tells you how to do it.

  1. Make sure your phone is on. Select and tap the Settings on the device.
  2. Once you can access it, you have to scroll down. Do it until you get Back up and reset. Then, tap this button.
  3. After that, proceed by Tap Factory data.
  4. Continue the process by finding out the Reset Google Pixel 4. You can scroll down and then tap it.
  5. Next, you are required to do authentication. You have to enter your PIN or Password.
  6. Once you can enter it, tap the Delete all.

How To Reset a Google Pixel 4 will delete all of its contents as well. It makes your smartphone turns as a first day bought. Nobody can access your files and passwords after this Reset.

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