Google Pixel 4XL Won’t Turn On What Do I Have To Do?

Google Pixel 4XL Won’t Turn On

If it turns out that your accessory charger has no problem, try doing the steps below if the Google Pixel 4XL Won’t Turn On. Once again you have made sure the charging process on your device can be done.

You can do the following method, if the charger accessory cable is original. Or the existing power uses a charger that complies with the standards issued by the Google Factory.

Google Pixel 4XL Won't Turn On
Google Pixel 4XL Won’t Turn On

Lets go ahead and charge your smartphone. Plug it in and then go ahead and let this charge for about 5 minutes. then come back and I want you to do the same thing. 

  • Firstly, press and hold the power button. 
  • Then, hold it until you see the Google logo appear. 

Notes: This process, the Pixel 4XL Won’t Turn On is plugged in and charging okay. 

Once again power buttons do press and hold, then still holding and I’m not gonna let go. Waiting for that Google logo to appear. 

Come on Google where’s it at there it is let go and you guys should be up and running. Hopefully Google Pixel 4XL Won’t Turn On on can be resolved properly.

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