Best Solution If Google Pixel 5 Won’t Turn On

Google Pixel 5 Won’t Turn On

if doing the first solution doesn’t fix the problem for Google Pixel 5 Won’t Turn On. then it’s possible that sometimes the firmware also crashes on Pixel 5.

if you let the phone run out of battery, and if that happens. you’ll be dealing with a couple of pretty minor problem that result in this issues.

Google Pixel 5 Won't Turn On
Google Pixel 5 Won’t Turn On

Here’s what you need to do at this point plug the power adapter on Google Pixel 5. to a working wall outlet use the original charging cable to connect your smartphone. 

It regardless of whether the charging sign shows or not leave it connected to the charger for at least 10 minutes.

After that and while your Google Pixel 5 is still connected to the charger then press and hold the power Button for 8 secs.

When the google logo shows release the power Button. Finally, wait until the boot process is finished.

If your Google Pixel 5 won’t turn on due to a minor firmware issue. then it should already be booting up by now. Usually the above method will work. Good Luck.

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