How to Fix Google Pixel Won't Turn ON ?

google pixel won't turn on
Google Pixel won't Turn On

Google Pixel Won't Turn On What Happen?

If Google Pixel won’t turn on, there’s all the time an opportunity that the issue is with the {hardware} however we wouldn’t know evidently if that’s actually the issue without doing a little troubleshooting procedure. 

Keep in mind that, it's important to rule out different chances to get a hold of a concept of what’s actually inflicting the problem.

The favorite flagship is the Pixel brand, but what happens if Pixel 2 won't turn on. Google Pixel 2 won't turn on due to hardware issues, software crashes, or Pixel 2 not charging.

As the next generation, the Pixel 3 won't turn on. Google Pixel 3 won't turn on as already mentioned above. What to do? You can read the full article below.

Pixel 3a is a smartphone that was released as the second generation of Google Pixel 3. This is the Mini Generation. 

But what happens if the Pixel 3a won't turn on. Google pixel 3a won't turn on due to a short circuit in the software or a break in the cable network inside due to a fall.

Google Pixel 4 is one of the most advanced smartphones that already has full features. And still be able to get the latest Android software at the time of the update. But what if the Pixel 4 won't turn on.

Next, what will you do if one of your flagships as above has battery issues, charging issues, not charging, ports not working or wireless charging not working. Some of the steps are listed below this article. Good Luck.

Power-related problems like no longer charging and being unresponsive with a black display are a number of the maximum not unusual issues reported through some homeowners. 

Since we began supporting gadgets, those are the kinds of problems that we stay receiving from our readers. 

That’s why we all the time make it some degree to handle this problem each and every time we begin supporting new units.

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I dropped My Google Pixel and Now it Won't Turn On

if I dropped my google pixel and now it won't turn on because your google pixel 1, pixel 2, pixel 3, pixel 4, or pixel 5 is due to the ingress of water. there are so many reasons why the cell phone won't turn on. 

But one of the reasons that often happens is because you just dropped it in water so that it makes your phone wet. Trying to rush to turn on the cellphone is one of the fatal mistakes. 

The result of this incident can make your cellphone short and fry it. So avoid doing this.

I dropped my google pixel and now it won't turn on
I dropped my google pixel and now it won't turn on

A. Why is my Google Pixel Not Working?

If you drop your cellphone on the floor or even into water, which results in your cellphone not turning on, maybe take it to a service center. 

There are two problems that occur, namely a problematic device or a damaged LCD screen. Before that, you can get some data on your cellphone as follows in this article.

  • why is my google pixel not charging?
  • 7 steps to ascertain why google pixel can not be charged:
  • You can make sure the Android software did not crash.
  • Plug the charger and  connect it to the your phone.
  • Check the port charger.
  • Connect your phone to a PC.
  • be sure Physically check the USB cable.
  • be sure Check the charging port of your phone.
  • if the 6 does not happen please Send the phone in for checkup and possible replacement.

B. Why is My Google Pixel not Ringing

reasons yours google pixel not ringing:

  • Exposed to water so that the speaker surge.
  • this is your automatic setting Unknown Callers May Be Silenced.
  • You forgot to change the settings, or Turn Off Silent Mode.
  • Anytime Turn Ringer Up All The Way.
  • when you wake up you forget to change these settings Turn Off Do Not Disturb.
  • Always clean the Charging Port.
  • Repair Your Pixel 1, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4 or Pixel 5.

C. Google Pixel Died and Wont Turn Back on

If it's a problem your google pixel died and wont turn back on. there are several ways to bring it back. but this requires a PC or Laptop as its assistance. this is what you need to do as follows:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your phone to a PC or laptop.
  • Do the charging for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Take the cable out of the phone, do not disconnect it from your laptop or PC.
  • Plug it back in once more within 10 seconds of removing it.
  • do an additional charge of approximately 30 minutes.
  • Then press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds after which hit restart.
  • If you aren't getting the restart option straight away, continue holding down the power button for 30 seconds.

When I dropped my google pixel and now it wont turn on and If none of these tips have worked. you can contact the nearest service center or the place where you bought your pixel. good luck.

Google Pixel Will Not Turn On

5 steps how to identify early in this web page why Google Pixel Will Not Turn On, repair the issues for your telephone:

1. Hold the power button

First, take a look at holding down your telephone's power button for 5-7 seconds.

2. Troubleshoot your cable, charger, outlet & case

  • Use the charger and cable that got here along with your Google Pixel Will Not Turn On. To test that the charger and cable are operating, take a look at them with any other instrument.
  • Test that the cable is securely hooked up to the charger and in your telephone. Test that there is not anything for your telephone's port, like mud or lint.
  • Plug the charger right into a wall outlet. To test that the hole is operating, plug in one thing else, like a lamp.
  • Test that no equipment, like circumstances or battery packs, duvet your telephone's sensors or press its buttons.
  • Troubleshoot on the battery charge
  • Plugin your phone with an operating cable, charger, and outlet, then wait one minute.

For those who see a battery icon, your phone is powered off and is charging. You'll be able to restart immediately.

On Pixel 2 and Pixel (2016), for those who see a crimson gentle, your battery is totally discharged. If the crimson gentle is flashing, there is not sufficient energy to show it on. Price your telephone for no less than 30 mins before restarting.

3. Troubleshoot Your Display Screen

Essential: If you do not see a battery icon or red light after you plug in your telephone, the problem might be along with your screen.

  • Press the power button for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Look ahead to about 2 mins.
  • Make your telephone ring. You'll be able to call it from any other phone or use To Find My Device.
  • In case of your phone rings. If it doesn’t, go to the complex steps (below).

4. Means of Connecting To a Computer

  • Unplug the cable from the ability charger.
  • Check that your computer is on and connected to a power supply.
  • Connect your phone to your laptop's USB port with the cable that got here along with your phone.
  • Wait 10–15 mins.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the cable out of your phone within 10 seconds.
  • Within 1 minute:
  • For those who see a battery icon, your phone is powered off and is charging.
  • For those who see a red light, your battery is fully discharged. If the red light is flashing, there is not sufficient power to turn it on.
  • Charge your telephone for no less than 30 mins.
  • Press and hold the power button till your telephone restarts. It's possible you'll want to tap Restart.

5. Troubleshoot Google Pixel the Usage of Your Phone's Buttons

  • Along with your phone plugged in, press and hold both the volume-down button and the power button at a similar time for no less than 20 seconds.
  • For those who see a red light, your battery is fully discharged.
  • Charge your telephone for no less than 30 mins.
  • Press and hold the power in a few seconds.
  • To your screen, tap Restart.
  • For those who see an Android robot and the word "Start" with an arrow around it:
  • Press the volume-down button till you notice the strategy to "Power off." Press the power button to pick out "Power off."
  • Charge your telephone for no less than 30 mins.
  • Press and hold the power in a few seconds.
  • To your display screen, tap Restart, or press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds, till your phone restarts.

If Google pixel not turn on, you can take it to your nearest service center, or contact the seller where you bought it for the first time.

Google Pixel XL Won't Turn On

  1. To turn on your telephone when it is powered off, press and hold the Power button in a few seconds.
  2. To power off your telephone when it becomes on, press and hold the Power button in a few seconds. Then, on your display screen, tap Power off

Pixel Won't Turn On 

Here are 4 guides that can identify why your Pixel Won't Turn On, so that you can know which ones you should do

1. Make sure that the firmware didn’t crash

System crashes are steadily the average cause of some hardware-related problems like now not charging and now not powering on that’s why you want to verify that. 

Whilst the Google Pixel doesn’t have a removable battery, you'll nonetheless force it to reboot to rule out the possibility that the reason it won’t turn on is on account of a frozen system.

Simply press and hold to the Power key for 10 seconds and the telephone must reboot provided it has enough battery left and that the issue isn’t caused by way of liquid or physical damage. 

If the telephone turns on, then the problem solved, differently, you should continue to troubleshoot your device.

2. Plug the charger into a power supply and connect your telephone

This step will inform you if there’s a problem together with your telephone’s {hardware} or its battery. Plugging the charger in and connecting it to a power source will usually display the charging signs. 

But when there’s a problem with some of the components, the device may not charge let alone show the standard charging signs.

If the charging signs display, let the device charge for at least 10 mins after which try to turn it on. More often than now not, this sort of problem will get fixed at this level. 

On the other hand, if the device charges however still won’t turn on, then attempt to do the forced reboot procedure whilst it’s plugged in as there’s an opportunity that the firmware crashed and the battery was given drained completely.

3. Try to power up your Google Pixel in safe mode

There’s a possibility that one or a few of your apps is causing this problem. We wish to rule this possibility out before we proceed with your next step. 

To do that, you want to power up your Google Pixel in safe mode or, at least, take a look at it.

  • Press and hold the Power button till the Google logo appears on the display screen then release. Permit several seconds for the logo to seem.
  • With the Google logo still on the display screen, press, and hold the Volume down button.
    Hold the Volume down button till “Safe mode” Then unlock the display screen then release. This may increasingly take as much as 30 seconds.
  • In case your telephone successfully powers up in safe mode, then we will be able to fix this problem with none help from a technician. In this case, we simply have to find the app or group of apps that are causing the problem and uninstall it. Right here’s the way you uninstall an app at the Pixel:
  • From the Home display screen, swipe up the Arrow icon (located on the bottom) to view the Apps List.
  • Navigate to Settings, then Apps.
  • Find then select the appropriate app. If system apps aren’t visual, tap the Menu icon (located within the upper-right) > Show system.
  • Tap Force stop.
  • Tap OK.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Tap Clear Data. This option might not be available for some apps, particularly for pre-installed ones. Resetting an app or clearing data storage would possibly delete saved information within the app (e.g., calendar events are also lost).
  • Tap OK.

Remember the fact that at this point, we’ve already successfully powered up the telephone so the problem is already solved. 

On the other hand, if the telephone won’t boot up in safe mode, we wish to continue with troubleshooting.

4. if Google pixel won't turn on Send the telephone in for a checkup, repair, or replacement

So far as troubleshooting a brand new telephone is concerned, that is so far as you move. If the problem persists beyond this point, then it’s the prerogative of your provider or store to both replace the telephone with a brand new one or be given a discount. 

The whole lot will depend on how the technician sees the problem began. If the telephone broke down due to physical or liquid damage, then it’s now not covered by way of warranty and also you may well be given some special privileges to get a similar model or a different one.

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If you have this problem with Google Pixel won't turn on, then read on as the troubleshooting guide we use here may be helpful to you. 

But as to manufacturing defects, you don’t have to worry about a thing as Google will surely replace it with a new one. 

While we are certain that the steps we used here are safe, things can happen any time so please proceed at your own risk.

Pixel 3 XL Won't Turn On

Some Google pixels and pixel XL users report that you are not turned on the phone. In this article, we will try to give you different ways to fix if your Pixel 3 XL Won't Turn On. 

It keeps users concerned that their phones are damaged, especially pixels and pixels are XL keys as normal, but the screen stays black and nothing flashy.

Pixel 3 XL Won't Turn On
Pixel 3 XL Won't Turn On

Pixel 3xl Won't Turn On

The following are the steps you can do if your Pixel 3xl Won't Turn On.

Pixel 3xl Won't Turn On
Pixel 3xl Won't Turn On

1. Press the Power button

The first way you can make sure that the phone screen is damaged or not is to press the "Power" button several times to be a problem with the use of pixel XL pixels and pixels to make sure there is.

2. Boot into Safe Mode

When restarting after trying the smartphone and the problem is not been set, then you can and pixel XL boot pixels into safe mode. 

They need to know if you are in this mode; It is then executed only on pre-loaded apps, this will allow you to see if another application is causing the problem. 

This can be with the following steps:

  • Press and hold the Power button simultaneously
  • After the screen, Google appears, release the power button and keep holding down the Volume Down button.
  • When you restart the safe mode text is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.

3. Boot to Wipe Cache Partition
  • Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons at the same time go of the power button when the phone vibrates, release, while still having the other two keys down to keep Android System Recovery screen.
  • "Volume Down" with the button, select "Wipe cache partition" and press the Power button to select it.
  • After the cache partition is removed, restart the pixels and pixel XL automatically

Pixel 4 Won't Turn On

If you have all done up, but there is no successful method to try Pixel 4 Won't Turn On after loading, then immediately bring the smartphone back to the store or to the warehouse to make that can be physically checked for any damage. 

If proven defective by a technician, spare units, the better.

Pixel 4 Won't Turn On
Pixel 4 Won't Turn On

Pixel 2 won't turn on and Google Pixel 2 xl not turning on

If you experience Pixel 2 won't turn on or pixel 2 xl not turning on, what to do next. Maybe some of the steps we wrote in the previous article have not succeeded in turning on the Pixel 2, died and won't turn on.

Try following the steps below if your smartphone pixel 2 will not turn on. But you have to be patient to do it guys.

Google Pixel 2 xl Will Not Turn On

Google Pixel 2 xl Will Not Turn On, You can try it using other charger accessories. Like the main device itself, charging accessories like the USB cable and adapter can get broken too. 

To see if there’s a problem with them. Try using another official Pixel 2 charging cable and adapter. 

If the phone charges fine with the second set, it means the problem lies on either the cable or adapter. or the possibility that happened to your pixel software. 

A. Check the charging port

The next step if Pixel 2 does not turn on, all you have to do is clean the charger port. This is just a suggestion and is not meant to tell you to fix the charging port itself. 

The most that you can do is to clean it using a can of compressed air. Care must be taken in doing this, lest any foreign object debris clog the port.

Before you do that, you want to see if there’s any dirt, debris, or broken pin in the port. Sometimes, dirt may interfere with the inserted  charging cable causing charging to go awry. 

If you think the port may be dirty, try cleaning it without inserting anything. A can of compressed air can come handy in this situation. 

If the charging port appears normal or if you can’t see anything that might cause charging to fail (there’s really nothing much there to see), then just leave it as it is. Do not stick anything insider as that might bend or damage something. 

B. Lets Go to professional help

If your Pixel remains problematic after you doing a reset, clean the charger port, and use another set charging but pixel 2 won't turn on. 

That means the problem is beyond your ability to fix. Make sure to bring it to Google service center so its hardware is checked and repaired.

google pixel 2 xl will not turn on
Google Pixel 2 xl will not turn on

Pixel 3 Won't Turn On

In some cases if Pixel 3 Won't Turn On or Pixel 3 xl will not turn on. please charging with authorities charging cable and adapter might quit functioning because of a insect. 

If this occurs, attempt to see if your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL will charge through a computer system.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Turn on your computer system.
  • Connect your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL for your computer system utilizing a recognized functioning charging cable.
  • Allow your smartphone charge for at the very least thirty minutes.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the cable television from your smartphone within 10 secs.
  • Attempt restarting your smartphone by pushing and holding the Power button for a couple of secs. After that, faucet the Restart icon.

Pixel 3 won't turn on
Pixel 3 won't turn on

Google Pixel 4a Won't Turn On

After you connect the device to the pc and it turns out that the Google Pixel 4a Won't Turn On. The next step to do if Google Pixel 3a will not turn on is as follows.

  1. With your smartphone connected to the wall outlet or PC, press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys at the same time. 
  2. Do this for at least 20 secs. If there’s a red LED light, it means the battery has been fully discharged. 
  3. Make sure to allow the smartphone to charge for at least 30 minutes before you attempt to power it back on.
  4. If Google Android icon and the word “Start” with an arrow around it when charging, you’ll need to charge the device for 30 minutes before restarting it. 
  5. After charging for 30 minutes, press and hold the Power Keys and Then Faucet Restart.

Google Pixel 4a Won't Turn On
Google Pixel 4a Won't Turn On

Pixel 4 xl Won't Turn On

If it turns out that your accessory charger has no problem, try doing the steps below if the Pixel 4 xl Won't Turn On. Once again you have made sure the charging process on your device can be done.

Lets go ahead and charge your smartphone. so go ahead and plug it in and then go ahead and let this charge for about 5 minutes. then come back and I want you to do the same thing. 

  • Firstly, press and hold the power button. 
  • Then, hold it until you see the Google logo appear. 

Notes: This process, the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 xl is plugged in and charging okay. 

so power buttons do press and hold, I'm still holding I'm not gonna let go I'm waiting for that Google logo to appear. still holding on to the power button.

Come on Google where's it at there it is let go and you guys should be up and running. Hopefully Pixel 4 xl won't turn on or Pixel 4xl wont turn on can be resolved properly.

pixel 4xl wont turn on
Pixel 4xl wont turn on

Google Pixel 5 Won't Turn On

if doing the first solution doesn't fix the problem for Google Pixel 5 Wont Turn On. then it's possible that sometimes the firmware also crashes on Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a. 

if you let the phone run out of juice, and if that happens. you'll be dealing with a couple of pretty minor problem that result in this issues.

so here's what you need to do at this point plug the power adapter on Google Pixel 5. to a working wall outlet use the original charging cable to connect your smartphone. 

it regardless of whether the charging sign shows or not leave it connected to the charger for at least 10 minutes.
  1. after that and while your Google Pixel 5 is still connected to the charger then press and hold the power Button for 8 secs.
  2. when the google logo shows release the power Button. 
  3. Finally, wait until the boot process is finished.

Google Pixel 5 Wont Turn On
Google Pixel 5 Wont Turn On

if your Google Pixel 5 won't turn on due to a minor firmware issue. then it should already be booting up by now. Good Luck.


Ok, How to Fix Google Pixel Won't Turn ON ? But the most common problem is the screen to wake fails. Previously, to ensure that the problem with the screen not lit because the battery is switched off, it is better pixels and pixel XL is connected to the output to connect may be several possible reasons why this happened.