How to Use Pixel Voice Recorder

Pixel Voice Recorder
Pixel Voice Recorder

Pixel Voice Recorder : Simply Set Up

Pixel Voice Recorder is very usefull for you. Please install this app on your Android device for google pixel voice recorder. as you can see we do have live transcript in the building and of course the only language it supports right now is English. 

Voice recorder pixel is good apps, because it can also tell you whether it is recording likes speech bird sound, or a dog barking, or any music.

There is options for you do like pause voice recorder Google Pixel, if you want to. and you know this is can resume from where you left off or if you want to save it all. you need to do is click on save. 

With this Google recorder transcribe, it will save it with the day and the time. so this is the one which we saved right now.

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Google Pixel Voice Recorder : How to Use?

  1. click on the ‘three dots’ then select ‘menu’ on the top right. 
  2. Go into ‘settings’ on Google Pixel Voice Recorder. 
  3. Then allow it ‘location access’, for enabled our location access. 
  4. and now if we go back, and open the ‘sound recorder’.
  5. Start > ‘recording’. 
  6. See, ‘live transcript’ is working, but you can pause it.
  7. and then ‘Save’ right. 
  8. Finally Please add a custom title, or custom name. so let’s say with custome name bla bla bla for voice memo google pixel. 

Notes: Compatibel for Pixel 3a voice recorder, voice recorder on Pixel 3, Pixel 5 voice recorder, Pixel 2 voice recorder, and Pixel 4a voice recorder.

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Voice Recorder on Google Pixel : How to Operate?

Voice Recorder on Google Pixel, Firstly to operate is add a location. you can go enable the location. 

so it will tell you that the recorder app does not have access to the location. so click on permissions location is denied allow.

only while using the app go back now it has access and now it will tap in your location. so when you add on location it will bring in the location over there. 

if you need to do is just click on save now once you saved it. after that there are multiple options of sharing. so let’s say this is the recording right.

you can see the transcript, so this is the transcript you have. if you click on the 3 dots menu on the top right. 

For share this file, please select menu on share. you can share either the audio file or the text file or you can share a file which has audio. 

and text both and you can also click on save to Google Drive in which case this will be saved to Google Drive.


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Record Audio on Pixel : Other Features

Another feature on this Record Audio on Pixel is that you can also search within your recordings. so you when you click on this search box, it’s going to show you your recent words and any specific location also which you’re looking for once. 

you tap on the locationmall the recordings from that specificmlocation will show up. however if you saymtap on simple right so these are all themrecordings which have a bird sound in them. 

and the yellow bars show the location of the bird sound in that specific recording you can also search within the recording right. 

so this is our recording and if you want to say search for a specific bird (this is only exs) within this recording. 

so let’s say we want to search for language, so we’ll type in language. and then click on the search button on the keyboard and here it is this is where you have the word language in this recording. 

And it also highlights the same in the transcript multiple occurrences will also be highlighted in the transcript. 


Pixel Voice recorder app is very useful for reporters. Or other jobs that really want to record a conversation and make a transcript or voice memo Pixel. in all a pretty cool app from Google. I think this is going to be very useful for people.

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