How to Use Google Pixel QR Code

Google Pixel QR Code
Google Pixel QR Code

Google Pixel QR Code How to Use?

Google Pixel QR Code is a unique code that stores a small amount of data. such as the site URL, contact details or Bussiness card, static text, etc.

stands for quick response which refers to instant access of information hidden in the code.


if you have found yourself in a situation where you need to scan QR code Google Pixel. Here is simply and Quickly solution for you.

you do not require to install third party apps. Just to QR scanner Google Pixel are built-in on google assistant app can scan QR codes and regular barcodes as well.

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Scan QR Code Google Pixel

let’s see how to use scan QR code Google Pixel. Google Assistant is natively available in all latest Google Pixel phone or others Android Smartphone. 

To Pixel qr scanner using google assistant. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Firstly, open it in general and just a long press on the home button. 
  2. After that brings up the assistant the colored dots at the bottom, indicates that assistant is waiting for a voice command. 
  3. Now Faucet on it to stop assistant from listening. 
  4. now you need to just faucet on the lens icon. 
  5. Then point your camera at the Google Pixel QR Code. 

This is very instantly reveals what is stored in that scan QR code Google Pixel. if it is text it will show Google search results. and if it is an URL you can visit this website by just Faucet on it guys. 

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Scan QR Code Pixel 2 Using Apps

How to Scan QR Code Pixel 2 okay. so in order to scan when these Scan QR code Pixel 2 by the way a QR stands for quick reference in case you were curious.

Pixel 2 scan QR Code needed to download an app. that’s able to Google Pixel 2 QR scanner them. Go to the Google Play Store and search for one that is really popular is quick mark, or quickmark one word. 

There’s a bunch of them out there for Pixel 2 QR Scanner. if you type in QR code you’re gonna get a bunch of them as well, but this one’s pretty popular. 

so we’re just gonna click it and install QR Code Scanner Pixel 2 and wait for that to install FINISHED. 

if you download this applications then gonna scroll to it. we’re gonna open these apps here and find it, Finally click on it. 

Do you want to use scan QR code Google Pixel 2 now we’re gonna hit scan barcodes. and this is gonna give us a little box for QR Code Pixel 2 that we can use to scan barcodes. 

you don’t have to push a shutter button or a camera button for QR Code reader Pixel 2. But you simply just put the barcode within that. 

it’ll automatically grab it and then display whether it’s contact information or whatever it may be this is a website. so if you click this little button down here at the bottom it’s gonna take me to that website. 

Other features on this applications you can click on share and now you can also share a bookmark that you have an application something on your clipboard.

address book contact, so basically you click on any of these you choose what you want to share. and it’ll generate a little Pixel 2 QR code scanner for you.

the other cool thing on Google Pixel 2 QR Code Scanner is you can also do something like you know tap my profile. it’ll generate a code for your information. and they can scan qr code Pixel 2 xl. 

So easy How to scan Google Pixel 2 QR Code using Apps and they’ll add them or add you into their address book that’s about it for QR Scanner Pixel 2. 

Scan QR Code Pixel 3 Using Camera on Built

hey what is going on guys, so you have a Google pixel 3 or a 3 xl. I’m gonna show you how to Scan QR Code Pixel 3. 

it’s super easy with these Google pixel 3 and 3xl smartphone. there’s nothing you have to download for Pixel 3 QR code scanner. 

it’s built directly into the camera itself. so if you go to a QR code scanner Pixel 3 it doesn’t matter. 

where the QR code Google Pixel 3a is it could be on here. it could be on a home screen. 

you can even be on another phone the only thing. you got to do Pixel 3 barcode scanner is only open up your camera app. and you’re going to go to camera > near the QR code, just like this. 

By the way, let me just go in there and there you see it register right away. so I know because it has a Google Chrome icon. this is going to bring me to a website okay. 

so when I tap on that, it’s actually going to this is my business card here. it’s actually gonna bring me directly to my YouTube home page.

Hopefully with the easy steps for Scan QR Code Pixel 3 above can Help you. Good Luck.

Pixel 4a QR Code Using Google LENS

Here is how to scan Pixel 4a QR code using Google Lens. follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, Open the camera.
  2. Then Select the more button.
  3. After that Select Google Lens.
  4. Finally, Hover over the Pixel QR scanner until it shows the URL.

Then click the URL or the shutter button and that’s it!  Pixel 4a QR Code, Very easy isn’t it.


Remember before you start scanning on Google Pixel QR code, make sure your phone is connected to the internet. This suitable for Pixel 5 qr scanner, Pixel 4 qr scanner and qr code reader Google Pixel. Good Luck

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