How To Take A Screenshot On Google Pixel 5

So Easy How To Take a Screenshot on Google Pixel 5

You had the new Google Pixel 5. I Want show you How To Take a Screenshot on Google Pixel 5. and some of the things that you can do with it okay. 

This is very simple, so it’s basically a two key combination to screenshot on pixel 5. it’s going to be you have to press and hold the power button and the volume down rocker okay. 

How To Take a Screenshot on Google Pixel 5
How To Take a Screenshot on Google Pixel 5

Screenshot Pixel 5 so follow along here, power keys and volume down keys. Now ready 1 2 3 just press it, hold as soon as you hear ‘Krek’ that or see that photo get smaller. 

Pixel 5 screenshot is very simple, lets go ahead and let go and then from here this will pop up here. after screenshot pixel 5 now you can share it or you can edit it or delete it also. 

Finally how to screenshot on google pixel 5 finished. if you go ahead and miss that you can just go to scroll down your notifications. and we can do the same thing down here okay. 

share, edit, or delete if I tap on edit here you can go ahead and crop it very easily. like let me show you so here’s the crop here. 

we can go ahead and crop it to whatever size that we want. we can go ahead and make different marks in here. 

we can change the color as well. we can go ahead and undo it right here, undo undo undo. 

we can redo it back just like that and then once. you’re ready to save it. go ahead and click on save. 

and all your Picture screenshots and everything will be saved into your Google Photos right here. so simply just go ahead and scroll up like that Google photos. 

Faucet on Google Photos and now it’s going to be under screenshots folder. and here’s the Pictures that we just took a screenshot. 

of course you can edit additionally doing editing again. if you want to go ahead and edit crop it change the colors and whatnot so pretty simple.

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