Google Pixel File Manager in The Pocket

Google Pixel File Manager Save Files By Drive

Google Pixel File Manager in the pocket on Google pixel phone ? Normally, people have safely stored all their files in their pocket desire. Well, Google Pixel’s phone comes with the Drive app to keep all your files safe. 

However, there are still many people who do not know how to save all files that you have in your pocket. Here are some steps below.

Google Pixel File Manager
Google Pixel File Manager

Google Pixel File System

These are some steps on how to save all the files in your Google Pixel file manager APK. From then on, you can store all the necessary files in your pocket. 

Google Pixel file system can do anything you want to select and save.

  1. Open the “Google Drive” app. Then locate My files Google Pixel that you need to be saved.
  2. Hereafter, new files will create and share the existing ones.
  3. Now the oldest and the newest files are safely stored in Drive. Moreover, it is on a different device with the existing “Drive app.”
Google Pixel File System
Google Pixel File System


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My files Google Pixel : The information is beneficial, isn’t it?

From the above step, you can delete My files Google Pixel, without replacing the previous file. the files in the pocket on the Google Pixel phone, in other words, your back-up. You can also get the benefits by creating a file in Google Drive to save, such as:

  • Google Drive allows users to open different types of files. So you can keep and open several different types of files that are important to be saved.
  • The program is free. You can use it at any time.
  • Google Drive allows you to send large files to users.

And what about Google Pixel File Manager ? Do you want to keep all your files safe ? You can begin to keep the steps above to the files in the pocket on Google pixel to follow the phone.

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