How to solve Google Pixel 2 XL Won’t Turn On

Google Pixel 2 XL Won’t Turn On

Google Pixel 2 XL Won’t Turn On, You can try it using other charger accessories. Like the main device itself, charging accessories like the USB cable and adapter can get broken too. 

Google Pixel 2 XL Won't Turn On
Google Pixel 2 XL Won’t Turn On

To see if there’s a problem with them. Try using another official Pixel 2 charging cable and adapter. 

If the phone charges fine with the second set, it means the problem lies on either the cable or adapter. or the possibility that happened to your pixel software. 

A. Check the charging port

The next step if Pixel 2 xl won’t turn on, all you have to do is clean the charger port. This is just a suggestion and is not meant to tell you to fix the charging port itself. 

The most that you can do is to clean it using a can of compressed air. Care must be taken in doing this, lest any foreign object debris clog the port.

Before you do that, you want to see if there’s any dirt, debris, or broken pin in the port. Sometimes, dirt may interfere with the inserted  charging cable causing charging to go awry. 

If you think the port may be dirty, try cleaning it without inserting anything. A can of compressed air can come handy in this situation. 

If the charging port appears normal or if you can’t see anything that might cause charging to fail (there’s really nothing much there to see), then just leave it as it is. Do not stick anything insider as that might bend or damage something. 

B. Lets Go to professional help

If your Pixel remains problematic after you doing a reset, clean the charger port, and use another set charging but Google Pixel 2 XL Won’t Turn On. That means the problem is beyond your ability to fix. Make sure to bring it to Google service center so its hardware is checked and repaired.

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