How To Set Up Now Playing Google Pixel

Now Playing Google Pixel
Now Playing Google Pixel

Now Playing Google Pixel

I’m going to show you guys how to enable Now Playing Google Pixel. This is on the Google Pixel 6 pro.

so now let’s go ahead let’s set up Pixel now playing. 

  1. The first thing we have to do is get to our device settings. 
  2. Now pull down from the top select the settings gear icon.
  3. Tap On sound and vibration from our menu.
  4. Then Go to choose on Google Pixel now playing and toggle this on. 
  5. Finally we’re all set and ready to go. 

Now you can see an example on your screen how it’s going to look when Google Pixel identify song for you playing in the background.

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we have some additional settings you can see right here. 

and we have our now playing history Pixel as well so check that out we can go back and reference something by day.

in case maybe a couple days from now we wanted to see what we were listening to or that song we heard the other day on the radio. 

we can find that right there and you can also learn more about now playing if you want directly from Google.

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now let’s go ahead let’s play a song and try it out so we’re gonna play the song save your tears by the weekend to see if anything comes up on our screen right here. 

letting us know that it identified the song that we’re playing. 

Now playing Pixel, so let’s go ahead let’s push play and give it a listen.

so there we go you can see Google Pixel song recognition came up on the screen very quickly. 

Pixel song recognition just took a couple of seconds but it says save your tears by the weekend. 

so you can see that right there at the bottom of our screen check that Google Pixel music recognition very nice and very accurate there. 

you go guys, it’s that simple to set up Now Playing Google Pixel. Have a nice day, Good Luck.

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