Flashlight Google Pixel Function That is Still Rarely Used

Flashlight Google Pixel
Flashlight Google Pixel 

Flashlight Google Pixel 

It’s true that the flashlight Google Pixel has the potential to emit additional light when taking pictures in a low-lit room.

Google Pixel flashlight also helps remove shadows from photo objects. Simply put, the LED Flash function is like a ‘portable flashlight’ that can be easily carried anywhere.

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In addition, flashlight on Google Pixel cannot be underestimated. It is even useful in your daily life outside of photography. This is the function.

A. Notification Reminder

On a smartphone, there is usually a special light that lights up when a notification comes in.

Unfortunately, after opening the smartphone screen, the light is no longer on, so sometimes there are forgotten notifications.

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Well, with the Flash Notification application on Android, you can easily set the LED Flash as a notification reminder.

B. Projector

Being in the open is very pleasant. However, boredom can arise when you have trouble sleeping at night while your smartphone has no signal where you are going.

Try to kill boredom through a simple experiment, which is to turn the LED Flash into a projector.

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The method? Project an image from a printed photo using a flash. Prioritize photos of landscapes or historical buildings so that the photos seem more ‘alive’.

C. Emergency Flashlight

Slightly different from the built in flashlight feature, the Tiny Flashlight application functions to make the LED Flash an emergency flashlight under certain conditions.

Let’s say you’re stuck in a dangerous place. Just use send emergency password in the form of SOS or morse code.

What makes it even more interesting, this app is automatically able to translate ordinary words into morse code.

D. Measuring Heart Rate

Need a tool to measure your heart rate? Of course you can, because there are advanced applications that help smartphone users calculate heart rate only with an LED Flash.

The application is called Instant Heart Rate. The way it works is to monitor changes in the color and speed of blood flow.

How to Turn off / On Flashlight Google Pixel

How to turn on your flashlight Google Pixel. very easy process all you want to do is get onto your home screen. 

and you want to swipe down from the top now when you do that you should already see the flashlight toggle on the top. 

if you don’t see torch Google Pixel, all you have to do is swipe down once more and you should probably be able to see your specific flashlight toggle right there. 

  1. if you still don’t see it you can click on the pencil Settings.
  2. find the flashlight toggle.
  3. Then basically drag it up to the top portion. 
  4. You should be good to go so at this point all you have to do is once you see that flashlight toggle up there. 
  5. you just have to go ahead and click on that flashlight toggle. 
  6. Finally you will see that the flashlight will go ahead and turn on and then all you have to do is click on that flashlight toggle.
  7. You can go ahead and turn it off. 

That is pretty much the process if you want to go ahead and remove that flashlight toggle you can go and click here. 

and you can go ahead and drag Pixel phone flashlight out of here but also if you’re on the lock screen you can turn on the flashlight toggle by clicking onto your home screen right here. 

scrolling down from the bottom and then clicking the flashlight toggle right there. 

so you don’t really have to be on the home screen. you can really list you can realistically be on any homepage screen or any page in general and you should be able to still turn on and turn off flashlight Google Pixel. That toggle there so that’s pretty much how to do it.

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