How to Hide Photos on Google Pixel

How to Hide Photos on Google Pixel Simply

How to Hide Photos on Google Pixel using the private mode, You can follow these steps. If you have a Google Pixel Phone, you can use a great camera to take some photos. 

How to Hide Photos on Google Pixel
How to Hide Photos on Google Pixel

Hide photos on google pixel from being able to see other people. Do you want to know about hide photos Google Pixel? Just give good attention to the simple ways below!

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How to Hide Photos on Pixel

Before knowing How to Hide Photos on Pixel, it is better for you that Google Pixel private photo album to know several different media types can support. 

It includes photos and videos. Well, these are the 7 steps can you hide photos on google pixel that you should do.

  1. Swipe Down. the screen First, please delete the screen to the list of options to find down. You may it from the top of the screen by doing two fingers.
  2. Select Private ModeAfter finding the list of options, just select the icon of the Private Mode.
  3. Enter PINIf you entered the private mode, you should also enter a PIN.
  4. Turn Private Mode OnThen, the fourth step is turn on the icon of the private mode.
  5. Go to the phototo do after the fourth step, what to do? Yes, you have to go to the photo or file that you want to hide. So it is only in the private mode
    makes visible.
  6. Select files. In this case, you need to select the files or photos you want to hide.
    Then simply select the menu button of the overflow, which is in the
    upper right corner.
  7. Select MoveFinally, Google Pixel hide photos by selecting click on the icon of Move.
How to Hide Photos on Pixel
How to Hide Photos on Pixel

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Google Pixel Private Photo Album How to Disable This?

In addition to private mode to use, you can also disable it on Google Pixel Private Photo Album. Now, you have a want to know? Here are the steps.

  1. “Swipe down the screen”. In order disable the private mode on Google pixel, you must wipe down
    the screen first. In this way can be found of options list. You can do
    it from the top of the screen by doing two fingers.
  2. “Select Private Mode”. From the list of options, select the private mode.
  3. “Disable Private Mode”. Well, Private photos Google Pixel will return to normal mode.
Google Pixel Private Photo Album
Google Pixel Private Photo Album

That’s all the steps How to Google Pixel Private Photo Album. In addition, it also predicts the ways to disable the private mode. Hopefully it may be helpful to you who need it.

How to Lock Photos on Google Pixel

How to Lock Photos on Google Pixel? before you have to prepare a folder. Because what will be locked is the folder containing the photos that you will lock.
The Locked Folder allows you keep any photos you wish to conceal behind a localized lock-and-key. This consists of points such as restaurant receipts, identification various other photos, and cards.
You could by hand removal the photos you wish to be stored to the Locked Folder or establish your camera app to conserve them there. Any photos submitted away will not reveal up in shared albums, Memories, or any apps on your gadget that need album access.
Any time you wish to access the photos, you will need to utilize your Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, and Pixel 5 passcode or fingerprint.
There are caveats to utilizing the Locked Folder. Each the authorities assistance web page, you could removal photos from the Locked Folder and permanently delete them.
However you cannot edit or share them or send out them to the trash. You cannot include them to a photo book either, or share those products to external apps such as Instagram or Twitter and google.
They will not reveal up on smart displays such as the Nest Center or with the Chromecast. You likewise cannot back up any products, which is a significant bummer thinking about comparable apps such as Samsung Protected Folder back up that data in an encrypted setting.


How to Hide Photos on Google Pixel like it would certainly be the type of function where you might upload precious memories and not always communicate with the Photos cloud. However photos put in the Lock Photos folder are stored in the Google Photos app library, under Utilities.

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