How to Google Pixel Find My Phone Number

How to Google Pixel Find My Phone Number
How to Google Pixel Find My Phone Number

How to Quickly Google Pixel Find My Phone Number

For those of you who use Google Pixel, maybe some of you want to find out Google Pixel Find My Phone Number.

As we know Google Pixel can help find our phone when it’s lost. Even we can lock or wipe our device remotely as long as we connect the account to google pixel.

Google devices currently only require wireless activity. So you can monitor our cellphones from afar. Finding a phone number using Google Pixel is also one way that you must know.

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Find My Pixel Phone Number

Nowadays to Find My Pixel Phone number is very fast. You just need to go into the smartphone settings. However, this depends on the Android operating system you are using.

Here are some steps how to google pixel find my phone number that can help you:

  • Open your smartphone
  • Then go to mobile settings
  • You need to take out the “all” tab in the settings
  • Next you can select “About Telephone”
  • Then Phone Status will appear. Click the “status” menu
  • Then a “status” dialog box will appear, you can click “SIM status”
  • Your phone number will appear in the “my phone number” 

That’s how to google pixel find my phone number. But there is another problem that some users usually experience.

The problem is that our phone number is “unknown” and this problem occurs most often. To fix this you can turn off the device and turn it back on.

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Removing the SIM card and inserting it again will solve this problem. How to google pixel find my phone number is to put the SIM card in the correct position.

Or you can enter your mobile number into the contacts on your smartphone. So you can remember how many phone numbers. Make a note in the email so you can remember the phone number.

Find My Phone Google Pixel

One of the many features of the Google Pixel phone or any other android phone is the Find My Phone Google Pixel feature. Over the years, this software has proven to be quite fruitful in locating missing phones. 

How to Remove Pixel from Find My Phone
How to Remove Pixel from Find My Phone

However, some users seem uninformed when it comes to removing the Pixel phone from Find My Phone. So, without further ado, here’s how to remove Pixel from Find My Phone.

What is Pixel Find My Phone?

Pixel Find My Phone or other similar software with a similar name is a feature in which users can monitor and send messages remotely to their stolen or missing phone. 

Other than that, it could also help users to erase or lock the phone itself. Thereby protecting the user’s personal data on the phone.

In Google Pixel Find My Phone, the app is dependent on internet connection and GPS to function. Not only that, Google specified that the stolen phone must be turned on, signed in to a Google Account, and be visible on Google Play. Lastly, the phone should have the Find My Device turned on.

Various Google Pixel users have been helped with locating the missing phone. However, some users who never expected to find their phone prefer to have the Pixel removed from Find My Phone.

Find My Phone Pixel

As stated before, to remove Find My Phone Pixel, the phone must have those requirements fulfilled. To erase Google Pixel from Find My Phone, you have to follow these instructions.

1. Visit the website.

2. Sign in with your Google Account.

3. Select one of these steps below if:

  • You have more than one phone and have them signed in with your Google account. If so, click the missing phone located at the top of the screen. 
  • Your missing phone has multiple user profiles. If so, sign in with your Google Account on the main profile.

4. After you select either of those options, your missing phone will get a notification.

5. You’ll see the information about the approximate location of your missing phone.

6. Decide what you want to do with your missing phone. 

  • In this case, select Enable lock & erase then, select Erase device to permanently delete all data from your missing phone. Please be aware that it most likely wouldn’t be able to erase your data in your SD card.

So, that’s all on how to remove Find My Phone Pixel. Be sure to have your Pixel Find My Phone turned on in case it gets stolen or missing. 

If you find any difficulty, it is best to ask Google customer service for the best solution.

How to Use Pixel Lost Phone

With the more sophisticated technology, you no longer need to worry if your cellphone is lost. Because there are many ways you can do just in case your Pixel Lost Phone, you can still find it.

Pixel Lost Phone
Pixel Lost Phone

You can use the Find My Phone application installed on your phone. Then Pixel Lost Phone? Here are some ways you can do to find a lost phone using Google Pixel.

Find My Google Pixel Phone

When you Find My Google Pixel Phone, there are several ways you can lock or find your phone before someone else uses it.

To find or lock a lost phone, your phone must:

  • active
  • log-in google account
  • Appears on Google play
  • GPS on
  • Activate the Find My Phone feature
  • Connect with wi-fi and mobile data

If your phone meets the requirements above, then you can find it in the following ways:

1. Use Google Find My Phone

How to use google pixel find my phone? The first way is to log in to and log in using the lost phone’s google account.

2. Lost Phone Notifications

If you have logged in using google find my phone, then the lost phone will get a notification.

3. Check the Map

You should still be on the page and you will get info about the current location of the lost phone.

4. Unlock or Delete

You can lock your phone with a PIN via this page. You can set a new lock so that someone can provide information regarding the whereabouts of your phone.

In addition, you can permanently erase all files and applications on your phone. You can do this just in case the data is not disseminated.

That’s how to use google pixel find my phone. Use passwords and wipe devices to keep your phone safe.

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