How to Boot Google Pixel 5 Recovery Mode

Google Pixel 5 Recovery Mode

If you access Google Pixel 5 recovery mode can do many different things like enter fast boot or delete data and you can view your recovery log and so on.

The first thing is to go ahead and make sure your phone is on it doesn’t matter if you’re on the lock screen or if you’re actually logged in here. So what you need to do.


Google Pixel 5 Recovery Mode
Google Pixel 5 Recovery Mode

Below are some steps you can follow, to Pixel 5 recovery mode:

  • The first is to press and hold two keys to Pixel 5 Recovery Mode.
  • With the volume up and power key, please press and hold both buttons together.
  • Do not let go and Next you see the Google logo appear.
  • This typically takes maybe like 20 seconds maybe 25 seconds.
  • Still holding on to both buttons.
  • Then we can go ahead and let go from here.
  • This is going to show the no command.
  • Here now we got to do is we got to press and hold the power key.
  • Tap volume up once while you’re holding the power key.
  • See it here and  boot to Recovery Mode Pixel 5 menu.

Finally, scroll up and down using the volume buttons for the next options. You can go down to reboot to boot loader then enter fast boot so on so on whatever you want just highlight it and then go ahead and tap on the power button. okay, not going to do any of this.

Finally just going to go back up here to reboot system now. Just a basic reboot just to get out of this and then tap on the power button.

Has it been practiced, Make sure before doing backup first important data on your device. After you know Google Pixel 5 Recovery Mode, You can choose several options likes factory reset and Reboot the system with buttons. 

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