Google Pixel Settings Menu : You Need To Turn Off Now?

Google Pixel Settings Menu
Google Pixel Settings Menu

Google Pixel Settings Menu for Save Battery Life and Protect Privacy

Google pixel settings Menu you should turn off now. Because it will save battery life and will definitely protect your personal privacy.

so everything’s going to be in the Settings app, and gonna swipe up from the middle of the screen.

or If you have Settings in the most recently used bar at the top, but you can also just find it down here, in alphabetical order.

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7+ Google Pixel 3A Settings Menu

Google Pixel 3A Settings Menu The first three settings are all in Privacy, so tap on Privacy. Then going to tap on Advanced.

1. Turn off Unnecessary App Permissions

The next Google pixel settings Menu, we’re gonna do is turn off unnecessary app permissions, things like camera, contacts, microphone.

Do certain apps actually need to be able to access these things, on your Google pixel?

Sometimes, Instagram might need a camera to take pictures. or Your bank doesn’t need access to your contacts, for example.

Please going to scroll to Permission Manager. And for instance, I’ll just tap on Camera.

For these apps need access to your camera? Like Amazon Shopping, does that need access to my camera? Probably not.

So what you can do is, you can tap on Amazon Shopping, and just tap Deny or Ask every time.

This is more of a concern for apps that may not be as reputable, as an app made by Amazon.

But sometimes a third-party developer might have an app that has access to all your photos, and they could be sending your photos, to their servers in the background without your knowledge. So these settings are important.

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2. Stop Sending Diagnostics and Usage Data

The next thing is turning off sending diagnostics and usage data to Google. This will save a little bit of battery life. You can also use a little bit of cellular data if you’re not careful.

Back to, the main privacy page here, and we are going to scroll down, to usage and diagnostics. Right now, the switch is on, just tap it to turn it off.

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3. About Your Location Settings

The Next Google pixel settings Menu settings are going to be in the settings location. and go back to the main page of the settings up here.

Scroll down and tap on location. The apps currently have access to my location.

We’re not the type of people that decided to just turn off location services, or GPS on your phone completely. 

Because that would destroy part of the purpose. Part of what makes the pixel so great is that it knows where you are, and can use that information.

So we just encourage you to be deliberate and be intentional about which apps you want to allow to use your location. 

And then there are some things too, to watch out for so you don’t run through your battery life all at once.

let’s tap App access to the location. So allowed all the time, Google allowed only while in use, Android Auto, Chrome, and YouTube, and denied.

So go through your list of apps, see which ones have access to your location.

Do you need this app to have access to your location , when it’s in use, or all the time?

Especially pay attention to the ones that are allowed all the time. Because that could be accessing your location, in the background when you’re not using the app.

That can run through your battery life, faster than pretty much anything else, because GPS takes a battery.

so if I tap on Google here allowed all the time, you gonna set it to deny. You might also have the option to allow, using the app or ask every time when you open the app, Finally, You can decide whether or not it needs location at that time.

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4. Turn Off Wifi and Bluetooth Scanning.

Google Pixel Settings Menu on the next goes back to the main location settings page and tap on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning.

We recommend turning these off. Because these could be big battery drains.

Your phone is constantly looking around and says like “Is there Wi-Fi here? Is there Bluetooth here? Is there Wi-fi here?” Why does it need to do that?

it can do that even when Wi-fi and Bluetooth are off. So even when you’re not connected to Wi-fi networks or Bluetooth devices, it can still do this.

So we’re gonna turn these off. Wi-Fi is still gonna work. Bluetooth is still going to work on your phone, and you can bear in mind, that with any of these settings, they’re not permanent.

You could go back if something doesn’t work right. Trust us, it’s all gonna work.

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5. Turn off Google Location History

Part of this is that we’re gonna talk about, is Google location history. Do you want Google saving a detailed list, of all the places you go with your Google Pixel?

  1. Go back to the main page of location, and I’m going to tap Advanced, and Google location history tap on that.
  2. Go to your Google account location history, saves where you go with your devices.
  3. Even when you aren’t using the specific Google service.
  4. You personalize maps, recommendations based on places you’ve visited, and more.
  5. I’m just gonna go ahead and turn this off.

Notes: If you wanna leave this on, by all means, go ahead. There’s an auto-delete option. Set that to three months. That way at least you’re deleting the data every three months, as opposed to every year and a half.

6. Install Unknown Apps.

Do you want third-party apps, to be able to install other apps, on your phone without necessarily your permission?

It’s like you’re having a third party, and you invite somebody over to the third party.

That’s like installing an app on your phone. But then you also say to that app or that person, go ahead and bring as many of your friends as you want you to the third party.

Now, most of the apps are only gonna invite reputable people or friends, but some people may bring unsavory characters let’s say, and those are the apps that you don’t wanna have installed.

Here you go. So it’s easier just to turn this off. How to? These are the Steps.

  1. tap on apps and notifications. 
  2. tap on advanced.
  3. scroll down to special app access and tap on that.
  4. and find install unknown apps.

I am not personally aware of any instances, where this is gonna make an app not work at all.

So just do this to protect your privacy, because you don’t want a whole bunch of unknown apps, showing up on your phone, just like you don’t want all those unknown people, showing up at your house for the third-party apps.

7. Set Your Preferred Network Type

The last thing we’re gonna talk about is, preferred network type. 5g is becoming more widely available.

And on some pixel phones, the default preferred network type is 5g.

However, it’s not available everywhere. You might live in an area with poor 5g coverage.

And if you have your 5g network preferred, might have some issues. Especially battery life issues.

To be fair, the Google Pixel 5 and the 4a 5g or 5a 5G, are the most battery-efficient 5g phones that are out there.

So by activating some of the Google Pixel Settings Menu, it will make battery usage more efficient and of course it will maintain privacy on your smartphone. Good Luck.

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