How to Enable Google Pixel Lock Screen Settings

Google Pixel Lock Screen Settings

How to enable Google Pixel Lock Screen Settings now this does not include anything with fingerprint or security setup passwords.

I'll do that but this basically is the appearance of your lock screen and other features such as gestures for your lock screen. 

Google Pixel Lock Screen Settings
Google Pixel Lock Screen Settings

so let's dive into it basically you want to go into the main settings of your Google Pixel.

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Google Pixel Lock Screen Settings : Steps By Steps

  1. Select 'home screen' and Please to go into the app drawer. 
  2. Then go to 'settings', here so go to that. 
  3. The Next to go to where it says 'display'.
  4. That's right it's under the display settings, so go to display. 
  5. Tap on advance right there go to advanced this is going to show some more options here. 
  6. you'll go down to where it says lock screen so go to lock screen right there. you can see that lock screen and you'll be taken to the lock screen settings as to what shows. 
  7. when to show all right so first things first we got notifications on the lock screen. 
  8. that you have one show all the content or don't show. 
  9. so if you're hiding certain things you might want to go with don't show notifications at all okay. 
  10. But if you want to show then select that one next up you have added a text to unlock the screen.
  11. so this here basically could be like a name or something that like a reminder or anything that you want to and speaking of reminder. 
  12. I can do uh this reminder if that's okay with you yes I really suck at typing. 
  13. Finally go ahead and go into the lock screen here and show you how it looks, so it's gonna appear right underneath the date right there.

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then we have now played so I'm gonna tap on this and this basically is if you currently have your player running in the background and you want to show the player on the lock screen.

that's going to appear here so you'll see show songs on the lock screen that's going to show you where you can just have that turned on.

if you don't want your player to be available on the lock screen that's totally up to you then you got went to show now this part here that says always showtime and info.

this is kind of similar to always-on display but it's not because it doesn't give you many choices but to show date and time no customization. 

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but if you turn it on here and I put my lock screen on you'll see how it's going to light up like this and show me the time the date and also battery percentage. 

so if you want that you can have that on but just keep in mind it's going to constantly use battery life and it doesn't turn off unless. you go back in and wake up your phone and turn that setting off okay. 

so if you want it you can turn it on if not just turn it off here next up are two gestures one is tap to check your phone.

and the other one is lifted to check your phone so tap to check your phone, basically if your phone is in a lock screen mode and this is enabled. 

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you'll single tap it to wake your phone so say your phone is like this right now and I just single tap it one. it's going to wake up my phone like this. 

and that's kind of similar to double-tap to wake on other phones except with Google Pixel. it's a single tap really cool right. and then you have a lift to wake which is similar to raise to wake. 

so again this is while in the lock screen mode if you have it set down like this and I just pick up my phone. it's gonna perform a gesture that will wake up your phone like that okay. 

that's pretty cool stuff here. and if you want this enabled turn it on and finally wake screen for notifications. so you're probably saying this is not important but this is to those of us who are hiding things from our loved ones. 

with this enabled here it says wake screen for notifications when this is turned on.

what this does is even if you have set no notifications to show on your lock screen while in a lock screen mode, if you just receive a notification even though it's not going to show. 

what that notification is it's gonna wake your phone up it's gonna light up your phone and that's gonna cause for some suspicion. 

if you don't want that be sure to turn it off okay so that it won't wake up your phone I repeat having it off will not wake up your phone. but having it on will wake up your phone all right.

Now you can always come back here on Google Pixel lock screen settings. Good Luck.