Google Pixel 7 Instruction Manual Handling and Usage

Google Pixel 7 Instruction Manual

Google Pixel 7 comes with a new Android smartphone from Google. After some months of information, now this Google phone is officially released in October 2022.

Google Pixel 7 Instruction Manual
Google Pixel 7 Instruction Manual

As a new smartphone, Google Pixel 7 Instruction Manual are the most important thing for all users. Below is a slight explanation of how to properly handle and use the phone.

Operating Temperature

As with other common smartphones, high heat is not good for the device. In Pixel 7, the users are better off not using or charging the phone lower than 00 Celsius and higher than 350 Celsius. Those who use the phone under or higher than the normal operating temperature cause damage to the device.

Several things may happen while the device tries to regulate the temperature. Those included the reduced performance and connectivity and the inability to power down the device. What you can do is move the phone to a cooler or warmer area and wait several minutes. 

Water and Dust Resistance

When you have read the Google Pixel 7 Instructions, you may know that the phone is designed with water and dust resistance. There is water and dust protection from the factory. However, it is not waterproof or dustproof, which means that the resistance is not permanent.

It can be lost or diminished over time because of normal wear. Dropping the phone also causes the loss of both water and dust resistance. Thus, the users are better not to expose the phone to liquids or dust intentionally.

Magnetic Fields

Since the device contains magnets, it will be sensitive to magnetism including bank cards, credit cards, magnetic memory devices, and many more. The recommendation in Google Pixel 7 Instruction Manual is the users put the device away from magnets at least 2 inches or 5 cm. 

Care and Cleaning

The next Google Pixel 7 Instruction Manual that all users must follow in cleaning the device relates to cleaning the device. The users are not recommended to clean it while it is charging. Also, the use of chemical detergent is not allowed to clean the phone since it causes damage to the device’s surface.

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