Camera Comparison Based on Google Pixel 7 User Manual

Google Pixel 7 User Manual

Google Pixel has become a favorite in the gadget market. Google Pixel smartphone is one gadget that continually attracts people’s attention. It was first released in 2013. Since it is made by Google, you can be certain that this smartphone is integrated with Google services. 

Such as Google Photos, Chrome, Gmail, and Google Drive. Pixel smartphones have industry-leading cameras. Both for the front and back cameras.

Google Pixel 7 User Manual
Google Pixel 7 User Manual

Here is what you need to know about the camera evolution of the Pixel smartphones, up until the newest smartphone release, the Pixel 7 Series according to the Google Pixel 7 User Manual.

Front Camera

The first series of Pixel smartphones is Pixel & Pixel XL. For a smartphone released in 2013, Pixel Series has an 8 MP front camera with an f/2.4 lens. On the next release, they added a second front camera. The first camera has an f/1.8 lens and a 75° lens. 

The second front camera is also 8 MP with a 2.2 fixed focus and 97° lens. The front camera is also combined with stereo audio for video recording. Sadly, these features aren’t good for battery health. 

So on the next releases, the front camera specification is lowered to an 8 MP front camera with a 2.0 focus lens only. 

According to the Pixel 7 User Manual, Pixel 7 now has an 11.1 MP front camera with a 2.2 focus lens and 92.8° field of view. It’s also combined with laser autofocus and optical image stabilization. A perfect combination for a high-quality selfie.

Main Camera

Pixel smartphones have been very consistent in using a 12 MP main camera. It is also reinforced with dual-pixel phase detection along with optical and electrical image stabilization. That’s why it is considered a leading-industry camera. 

For Pixel 5 and over, they are also combined with an ultrawide sensor. It helps the user create a panoramic picture. The Google Pixel 7 User Manual states that the main camera is a 50 MP sensor with 1.85 focus and a 12 MP ultrawide sensor with a 2.2 focus lens. 

We all know that a camera is one of the consideration factors before purchasing a phone. Pixel smartphones have been consistent in leading the camera quality among other smartphones. 

Especially for Pixel 7, as stated in the Google Pixel 7 user manual. Combined with other amazing factors of the phone, this is the perfect choice for someone with a sense of photography. 

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