Pixel 4a Front Camera Specs : Best Camera?

Pixel 4a Front Camera Specs

Pixel 4a Front Camera Specs | Front camera 8 MP along with f/2.0 lense as well as 84° lens, fixed focus, 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 30 fps, 480p at 30 fps.

Google Pixel 4a camera specs with Small Camera for Spectacular Still Photography. The Pixel 4a currently flaunts an OLED display along with HDR10 support.

Pixel 4a Front Camera Specs
Pixel 4a Front Camera Specs

The phone functions a single 12MP Main camera as well as an 8MP front snapper. This is detail Pixel 4a Front camera specs and Rear camera specs :

  1. Rear camera: 12.2-megaPixel (f/1.7, 1.4-micron)
  2. Rear autofocus: Yes
  3. Rear flash: LED
  4. Pixel 4a Front camera specs: 8-megaPixel (f/2.0, 1.12-micron)
  5. Pop-Up Camera: No

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Google Pixel 4a Front Camera Specs : Ultra Wide

The Pixel 4a 5G features the similar rear camera sensors as the Pixel 5 along with a 12MP (f/1.7) wide-angle as well as 16MP (f/2.2) ultra-wide. The exact very same holds true about the front along with an 8MP selfie camera at f/2.0 without ultra wide.

Can Pixel 4a do astrophotography?

Google Pixel 4a supports Astrophotography – very initial presented on the Pixel 4 as well as 4 XL.

It is a longer-term Night Sight mode that activates when the smartphone detects it is completely stable (like leaning on one thing or even mounted on a tripod).

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This is step for start astrophotography in Pixel 4a 

Towards get photos of the starry night sky, go to a dark area, far from bright lights, as well as utilize a tripod or even a flat surface towards maintain the Pixel 4a still.

When the smartphone is actually steady or when the camera’s Night Sight mode > actually activated > a notification will certainly appear on the display saying “astrophotography on”.

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Does Google Pixel 4a have night sight?

When Google launched the Pixel 4A 5G as well as Pixel 5 last year, it modified their camera applications towards allow Night Sight mode immediately in low-light conditions.

However utilizing the feature implies photos get much a lot longer towards capture, therefore there’ll undoubtedly be actually occasions when you do not desire it towards automatically begin.

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Can I shoot RAW on Google Pixel 4a?

Google Pixel 4A can easily get raw images in the default camera application. Simply enter into Settings > Advanced > Raw + JPEG control.

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After you know Pixel 4a Front camera specs, The Pixel 4A’s main selling factor is actually that it has actually the Pixel 4’s outstanding main camera in a less expensive bundle.

While sometimes the Pixel 4A’s handling of HDR effects as well as contrast can easily appearance unrealistic sometimes. the cinematic quality of its own photos creates it among the more intuitive cameras towards utilize.

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