How to Turn on Top Shot Google Pixel

Top Shot Google Pixel

By the way, if we know  Top Shot in Google Pixel. what you think about this? Well, a top shot is a feature of the supported camera. With this function, you can get the best and most perfect image. 

How to Turn on Top Shot in Google Pixel
How to Turn on Top Shot in Google Pixel

Then you can select it with some beautiful pictures. So the results of the acquisition will create a great and amazing Pixel top shot. Is it fantastic, is not it?

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Pixel Camera Top Shot How to Activated?

When using Pixel Camera Top Shot Auto vs On, you are suggested five steps to use that are easy to do. 

Let us follow Google camera top shot, these simple steps below!
  1. Open the camera app. Now, the application of the camera opening is the first step that you have to do. You can open this app in your Google pixel third
  2. Take a picture. After the camera application to open, you will be allowed to make an image. Just do it with the unit!
  3. Open the picture. Then open the image that you have made your Google Pixel 6 Top Shot is used.
  4. Swipe up the screen. The next step to enhance the function of Pixel Top Shot Auto vs On is in use swiping the screen of your phone. You are suggested to do it, to see the details of the photo until you.
  5. Move the finger right or left. Then the last step of the finger is moving to the right or left. You can do that, find it recommended to you. In addition, you will be able to recommend to get one to be the best image.

Pixel Camera Top Shot
Pixel Camera Top Shot

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Note: These simple steps above suitable for Pixel 3 top shot, top shot Pixel 3, Pixel 3a top shot, top shot Pixel 4

The Additional Features in Google Pixel

It is better for you to know that there are some additional features in Google Pixel 6 besides Google Pixel top shot. Here they are:

A. Night sight

This type of function will take a picture or photo in a good situation. It is a better low light situation. You can use this function without using a flashlight.

B. A group Selfie Mode
This second function will convince you that the camera captures all the picture when taking a selfie. In addition, it can help add the animated sticker on the photo and video.

C. Super Res Zoom
This third feature helps you achieve multiple images. So, you have your picture in a different form. It’s great, is not it?
D. Pixel Motion Mode

E. Astrophotography

The additional features in Google Pixel 6
The additional features in Google Pixel 6

This is the main criticism about the way How to Turn on Top Shot Google Pixel. completed for this review, there are also some additional features in Google Pixel. So you can know about Google Pixels complete and well.

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