How To Turn on Pixel Reverse Charging

Pixel Reverse Charging
Pixel Reverse Charging

Pixel Reverse Charging

For this case Pixel Reverse Charging on other android phones such as samsung and oneplus. 

Basically this does exactly what it says, so it shares the battery for your Google Pixel 6 pro and wirelessly charges other wireless charging capable devices. 

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How to Turn on Pixel 6 Reverse Wireless Charging

So to get to this Pixel reverse charging here you can use the quick panel access and Below are the complete steps:

  1. Firstly just look for battery share. 
  2. Tap on it to turn it on instantly or long press it and then this will take you here and of course you can turn it on from here. 
  3. You’ll see the animation as to how it works seems like you can charge both phones and wireless charging capable devices. 
  4. Finally Go ahead and turn it on now. 

Note: Pixel 5 reverse wireless charging and Pixel 4 reverse wireless charging maybe you can practice too.

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And it doesn’t work if your phone is currently plugged in charging. so you cannot charge your Pixel 6 pro phone and use the battery share feature at the same time. 

I’ve tested this out on my galaxy buds live with the wireless charging case and it seems to work.

however I tried it out on my apple airpods. I don’t think it’s actually working but it does detect that it’s going to start charging for us here okay.

so I’ll leave it on I’ll place it flat down like this here and then we’ll put the case on top let’s see how that works.

you will hear a tone sound and if it does start to charge it will light up your charging case okay.

so does it seem like it works for the earpods I did see it light up earlier but that doesn’t seem to work again.

so I don’t know it’s just a matter of hit and miss doesn’t seem like it’s going to work for every device. 

out there so let’s turn it on one more time try it again and place it here.

so you heard the sound this time and you see how it lights up like that and then it will stop so i’m not sure if it’s going to continue charging. 

however I do know that with the air pods when you plug it into charge it will light up and show you the battery indicator and then it stops so it seems like it’s charging. 

I don’t know if you do get a chance test Pixel Reverse Charging for Airpods detail.

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