How to Set up Night Light Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Night Light Google Pixel

With Android 7.1 nougat on the board, you can now set up Night Light Google Pixel and see for yourself whether blue Removal helps you fall
asleep faster. 

Google pixels and pixel Xl has a function as a night light known; This new setting reduces the amount of “blue light” is displayed on the phone screen.

Night Light Google Pixel
Night Light Google Pixel

You can help mobile users who often have trouble sleeping at night after you use the phone. 
The existence of this new suit This can happen because the eyes are constantly receiving a reflection of light from your cell phone at night.

Here are some tips Google pixels that will help nightlight on Google pixel to set up and get rid of harmful Blues by manually enable or disable night light. A few hours before your usual bedtime.

Google Pixel Night Light How To Set Up?

How to set up Google Pixel Night Light? Users can navigate settings on the device the app or simply drag the notification bar to access settings down. Then it’s just a few taps away, and the screen turns red rapidly.

  1. On the “home screen”, swipe from the notification bar down.
  2. Tap the “Settings icon” on the right side.
  3. Go to “Settings” Then tap on the display.
  4. “Select Nightlight” Then Schedule.
  5. Tap “automatically switch“.

You will now see the possibility to set up a schedule: Select (recommended) Never, Custom schedule, or sunset to sunrise. for the night light to allow automatic, automatic at the scheduled time under Status toggle on / off.

Google Pixel Night Light
Google Pixel Night Light

Turn On / Off Google Pixel Night Light

  1. Swipe down on the notification shade
  2. Swipe to go back down the Quick Settings menu.
  3. Tap the night light icon (moon) to easily turn on or off the light.

Turn On / Off Night Light
Turn On / Off Night Light

The Night Light Google Pixel can be easily switched on and off and will be activated with the sunrise and sunset based on the time of day or automatic on / off. It also uses display sensors possible based on adapting
to ambient brightness for the best experience.

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