How to Put Google Pixel weather widget

Google Pixel weather widget
Google Pixel weather widget

Google Pixel Weather Widget on Home Screen

You want to travel, but you have doubts about the weather today. No need to worry, you can see the Google Pixel weather widget on your main screen.

Oops.. Apparently there is no such information. Pixel weather widget, Try following the steps below so you can get weather information. This weather is automatically updated by Google.

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Pixel Weather Widget

Below are the steps for How to Put Pixel weather widget on Home Screen. It’s very easy. Good luck.

  • Long press on the blank space in your ‘weather on Pixel home screen’.
  • Then Tap on ‘Widgets’.
  • Now Scroll down, After that tap & hold the Google ‘at a glance widget’ and drag it to the home screen.
  • You can see the weather info, date, and day on your Pixel weather on home screen.

Notes : At a glance not showing weather, It’s suitable for Pixel 6 weather widget, Pixel 5 weather widget, Pixel 2 weather widget, Pixel 3 weather widget, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4a weather widget.

Pixel weather widget
Pixel weather widget

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Pixel Weather Widget Not Working

To Remove Pixel weather widget not working with 2 steps 

  1. long-press the widget 
  2. Then move it to Remove at the top of the Home screen.

Has it worked, setting steps for Google Pixel weather widget. Hopefully there won’t be any major problems.

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